The 3 Week Diet : Detail,Reviews, And Bonuses

The 3 Week Diet: Detail, Reviews, And Bonuses

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the 3 week diet review

Hello here Gopal, and for my second product review, I chose one of the best-selling weight loss currently The 3 Week Diet.

Not only have I bought this weight loss program, but I’ve read it!

And 47 € and 3 hours of reading later, here is my opinion on this fast weight loss program.

The 3-week diet was specially designed to help lose between 5 and 10 kg of body fat in less than 3 weeks.

The whole idea is to say, “For a regime to be effective, it must produce results quickly. “And I’m sure that if you want to lose weight, you will not mind it going faster!

Be aware that once you have paid, you will be offered other offers that you can of course refuse. Without going into details, after buying this program for 47 €, you will be offered a supplement to this program for 67 € and then, if you refuse this first offer, a recipe book for 17 €. It’s up to you whether you want them or not. I just wanted to warn you.

Overall length: 98 pages.

Format: PDF (eBook)

Contents of “The 3 Week Diet”

The 4 manuals are gathered in 1, which is no worse, so you have only one file to open and keep. And so here is what this program contains:

Introductory Manual 
(40 pages to read)

the 3 week diet Review

Review some key points regarding the loss of points and the implementation of 2 manuals that follow (plan manual and exercise manual).

Discussed subjects:

  • The various nutrients and their characteristics
  • Dietary supplements that help you lose weight
  • The young
  • Exercise


In this section, there are 4 recommended resources to buy on Amazon ( including a special protein powder that costs 200 € but can be used during all your meals during the 21 days and even after and which therefore comes back at a daily cost Quite reasonable).

Diet Plan Manual 

the 3 week diet review

(20 pages to read)

First Phase  (Day 1 to 7): What to eat food list.
Second Phase  (Day 8): Special practice for this day.
Third Phase  (Day 9-11): Free up as much fat as possible, detoxify the liver
Fourth Phase  (Day 12-21): Determine basic metabolism and create a caloric deficit

Exercise Manual 
(15 pages to read)
the 3 week diet review

  • Exercises to be done during the 3 weeks
  • Recommended Exercises for After 3 Weeks
  • Exercises for the abdomen
  • Training for steel abs


the 3 week diet review
State of mind and motivation guide 

(10 pages to read)

Introduces some ideas to improve her state of mind about diets and physical exercise, and increase her level of motivation and willpower.

Discussed subjects :

  • State of mind
  • Motivation
  • Will

The 3 Week Diet: Detail, Reviews, And Bonuses

My opinion on “The Three Week Diet”?

Be aware first of all that I was leaving with a rather negative attitude on this program, more determined to see bad advice than good … Why? Because I had just spent 47 € for a weight loss book that I did not need, just to write this article.

So all my negative comments were written at the beginning of my reading of the guide, but at the most, I made in reading, at most I gained respect for the author and at most I valued his advice. Indeed, this book totally convinced me and I can really recommend it without any hesitation.

Good points :

  • With links to recommended resources (various complementary and protein powders), which facilitates the composition of its “weight loss arsenal”
  • Pleasant to read and well illustrated
  • Clear and easy to understand explanations
  • Very encouraging guide, full of positivity


Negative points :
  • You must read. I would have preferred to have this product as a video as well. (I was a little disappointed that it is only a PDF, and not a video program, it is still much easier and pleasant to “digest” in video …)
  • Some small mistakes when you really care like me, but nothing troublesome. This is due to the fact that this guide was written in English by Brian Flatt and surely translated into French for the lowest possible cost (which can be understood). But the 3-week diet, still remains a well written and pleasant guide to read.

This is a quality weight loss program that is effective and enjoyable to read. And I have to say that I have even learned a lot of important things!

In short, I can really recommend this program with integrity, because I actually bought and read it and I also felt the integrity and expertise of the author.

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The 3 Week Diet: Detail, Reviews, And Bonuses
The 3 Week Diet Bonuses

If you buy The 3 Week Diet by clicking on one of the links on this page, you will receive all the bonuses below 100% free of charge.

Bonus # 1: Tips and Tricks to Decrease Success (Price: 19,99 €)

Stopping sugar is one of the best things you can do for your health, your physical appearance and your emotional state.
In this comprehensive guide, you will learn how to lessen your cravings for sugary foods and beat sugar addiction easily, by proven and tested means.

Bonus # 2: 2 Special Recipes Combination Food (Value: 5.99 €)

These 2 recipes take into account the combination of foods, allowing:

  • Better digestion
  • Better clarity of mind
  • More Energy and Vitality
  • An appetite suppressant effect


I have your attention now? That’s what I thought

How To Receive Your Bonuses The 3 Weeks Diet?
Only 1 condition to receive these bonuses:

Buy The Three Weeks Diet by clicking on one of the links on this page (eg by clicking here). 
>> Click here to Buy “The 3 Week Diet” and Have Access to these Extra Bonuses!
If you have any questions, comment me!
To your success,


Gopal Singh

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