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All the post was written by the author on his experiences when he is trying to lose his weight.

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The past few years have given the world many illuminating truths about health & wellness. Striking facts pertinent to diet, to weight control, to increase height, to the prolonging of human life, and the protection of young and old against disease, have been disclosed in the past decade or two. So, it has been necessary to reflect fully the results of modern research in matters closely related to mental and physical fitness. The need of such information is as pressing now as in any prior time in mankind’s history. Man and woman, old and young, employer and employee alike, urgently require such knowledge to enable them to cope with conditions of life today.

In modern life, health of the highest possible degree is an imperative need. This glorious gift of radiant health can only come with knowledge. My prime objective is to discuss the laws of life.

We must know WHAT to eat, HOW to eat, WHEN to eat. We must know how to exercise our body in order to give it superabundant energy. If you learn the lessons that are plainly presented in these articles, you will feel yourself growing stronger day by day. You will notice your eyes becoming brighter, your skin clear, your muscles firmer. Gradually you will find yourself becoming a better and stronger and more capable man or woman, if you adhere to the plain instructions that you will find clearly presented in these articles. If you have radiant health, it makes you throb with superabundant energy, gives you ambition, endurance, determination. Your health may be below par. If so, your one object in life should be to find it again, and that means first of all better digestion, stronger heart, more vigorous lungs. It means that you must eat food that is properly assimilated, that you must take care of bodily organism in such a manner as to increase vitality day by day. If you want to make something of yourself mentally, financially, spiritually you owe it to yourself to become so splendidly strong that you will be able to meet every situation. Each day you will become more resourceful, more capable, more dependable in your sphere of life.

Success is meaningless unless it brings the happiness that comes with the making of a home. Radiant health naturally brings a happy home, but ill-health leads direct to the cemetery.