Dry Fasting: Lose Up To 5 Kg Weight In Just 2 Days

Dry FastingHow you can lose up to 5 kilos in two days so let’s get started by knowing what is dry fasting. Dry fasting means zero intakes of food on liquids, in simple words no eating or drinking not even water. In terms of weight loss and other benefits normally people go for a maximum of 3 days. But I suggest doing it for not more than 2 days or 48 hours, it means for 48 hours you don’t drink or eat anything.

What’s happens when you do dry fasting

When you don’t have water for a long time our body starts producing water by converting fat into the water. Fat cells have water and these cells are burned internally by a body to access water from them. The body goes into ketosis and fat cells are broken down and then hydrogen from these cells binds with oxygen present in your blood cells to form water internally. This means the metabolism or fat burning process is very high compared to any other type of diet or fasting. From every hundred grams of fat, your body will make about a hundred and ten ml of water. So now you can imagine how much fat and weight loss can happen in two days. Dry fasting also heels loose skin your body breaks down old and damaged cells and flushes them out and new body cells generate thus your skin tightens.

Dry fasting as few other benefits

  • Lowers inflammation at a fast pace by lowering the concentration of molecules and protein cells responsible for inflammation in our body.
  • It balances your cholesterol levels, bad cholesterol decreases. Good cholesterol increases in women and total cholesterol and triglycerides decrease in men.
  • It regulates your blood sugar by decreasing blood glucose levels and increasing insulin sensitivity. This means you can prevent the risk of diabetes and heart diseases.
  • It regulates your systolic blood pressure.
  • Dry fasting improves your memory and overall brain function as it promotes the release of a chemical called BDNF in your Brain. The BDNF gene provides instructions for making a protein found in the brain and spinal cord called brain-derived neurotrophic factor.
  • It helps prevent osteoporosis as levels of parathyroid hormone increases in our body. This hormone helps increase calcium levels and bone formation.


How to start Dry Fasting and who all can do this

Dry Fasting

I suggest starting with water fasting first this is to help you get prepared for dry fasting. Those who have already experienced water fasting may find dry fasting easier. Hence suggesting you to try to go on water fasting first and check how your body responds. If you’re able to go on with water fasting then you’re ready for dry fasting. This will make your body and acquit lee hydrated and you won’t start feeling dehydrated. After you complete water fasting for five to seven days, take a break for seven to ten days. Then start with dry fasting for two days as I mentioned before. I recommend what a fasting first however if you think you want to start with dry fasting directly then go ahead But if your body doesn’t respond well then stop immediately.

Who shouldn’t dry fasting

  • If you have eye-related diseases like dry eye syndrome cataract etc.
  • Medications pregnant and nursing mothers.
  • if You are exposed to excessive heat or exertion dose-dependent on tea or coffee.
  • PCOS and B, C or D patients and diabetics there have been reports where this fasting has worked great for PCOS  and diabetics but I personally don’t recommend them now.


How to break the Dry Fasting


Once 48 hours are over break the fast by eating in moderation and drinking water. Try to have light foods like shakes or soaps, fruits steamed vegetables boiled eggs etc. Instead of regular solid foods slowly and steadily that is after three to four days shift of solid foods and avoid carbs until. Most important to not overeat as it will lead to rapid weight gain.

Now a few points to remember don’t exercise a lot as it will lead to dehydration, Light exercise like walking or cardio for 5 to 10 minutes is fine. You can do DRY fasting as often as your body allows, For example once every 2 weeks. However, there are no set rules this is soft dry fasting hence you can take bath brush your teeth etc. Lastly don’t hesitate to break the fast if you’re not feeling good, having headaches or if your body signals about something is not right. If you don’t feel good about it then please stop fasting immediately.


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