How To Get Rid Of Heartburn Naturally

Tips On How To Get Rid Of Heartburn Naturally?

How To Get Rid Of Heartburn Naturally?

Do you have a question How To Get Rid Of Heartburn Naturally? Have you ever felt a burning sensation in your chest (just behind your breastbone) lasting a few minutes or stretching over several hours? Does this symptom appear every time you finish a meal? Take care: it could be chronic heartburn.


Heartburn, which is a symptom of acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (POE), occurs when gastric acid enters the esophagus due to hiatal hernia or Helicobacter pylori infection. It can cause much discomfort to those who experience it. It can also be associated with other symptoms such as sore throat, long-term coughing, and hoarseness of the voice.


The good news is that chronic heartburn can be treated with simple home remedies – so you can avoid the need for pharmaceutical interventions. Below is a full list of tips on how to get rid of heartburn naturally – try them to see what works best for you.


How to get rid of heartburn Quickly?

If you want to get rid of heartburn quickly, the solution may be in your kitchen cabinet all the time. Here are some effective methods that can help to quickly relieve heartburn or even prevent it from occurring.


What to drink for heartburn relief?

(how to get rid of heartburn naturally)


Organic Crab Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) – Because acid reflux is caused by very low levels of acid in your stomach, ACV can actually help prevent it from occurring. Simply dissolve a tablespoon of it in a glass of water and drink it to improve your acidity.

Use baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) – Although this is not recommended as a regular solution, it can be useful if you have extreme pain from heartburn. Just dissolve a half or a whole teaspoon of baking soda in a quarter liter of water and drink it. This helps to neutralize the stomach acid and relieve the burning sensation associated with heartburn.

Drink a sip of aloe vera juice – Drinking half a cup of aloe vera juice before meals can relieve heartburn, as it actually helps to reduce inflammation. Aloe vera juice has a laxative component, so make sure that the brand you use has eliminated this effect.

Enjoy a cup of fresh ginger root tea РIf you know that you are going to have a great meal, it may be helpful to drink a cup of ginger tea at least 20 minutes before eating. Simply infuse two to three slices of root in two cups of hot water for half an hour.  Ginger actually has a gastroprotective effect that suppresses H. pylori bacteria and is anti-inflammatory. It also tightens your lower esophageal sphincter, preventing acid reflux.

Acid Reflux Diet:

(how to get rid of heartburn naturally)


Certain foods and herbs can also help with acid reflux and ease heartburn when you include them in your diet.


This crunchy vegetable with a mild, licorice-like flavor can help improve stomach function, making it ideal for people with heartburn. Try mixing raw into vegetable salads or snacks.


The enzyme papain can help to break down carbohydrates and proteins and promote better digestion.



The bromelain in pineapple acts as a proteolytic enzyme with anti-inflammatory properties.


A bromelain supplement can also be an efficient alternative.


Fermented foods such as cultured vegetables

These help to sown your gut with good bacteria, balance your intestinal flora, help with good digestion and naturally eliminate Helicobacter bacteria.


A high-quality probiotic supplement is also a sensible option.


Licorice Root

Genuine licorice can bring some benefit, as it can actually block inflammatory prostaglandins. Use with caution as it contains the active metabolite Glycyrrhiza.


High levels of glycyrrhiza can cause hyperaldosteronism, a condition that affects the adrenal glands and causes symptoms such as high blood pressure, deafness and muscle weakness.


As an alternative, you can also try deglycyrrhizinized licorice, where this problematic ingredient has been eliminated. If you are taking diuretics or laxatives, do not use licorice.


Please note that it can also lower your potassium level and trigger estrogenic activity, so it is not recommended for women on hormone therapy or for those with estrogen-dependent cancers, endometriosis, and other reproductive conditions.


Red Elm

This has antioxidants that can help alleviate inflammatory bowel problems.


Red elm also covers and soothes the mouth, throat, stomach, and intestines and stimulates the nerve endings in the gastrointestinal tract.


This produces more mucus that protects the gastrointestinal tract from ulcers and hyperacidity.



Try drinking a cup of chamomile tea at bedtime and see if it helps to soothe heartburn. Chamomile can help soothe gastritis and sleep better.


Finally, you can optimize your intake of certain nutrients to address this health problem.

Some of the best nutrients for heartburn relief include:


Astaxanthin – This marine carotenoid has been found to better reduce the symptoms of acid reflux compared to placebo, especially in patients with severe H. pylori infection. The best results were achieved with a daily dose of 40 milligrams.

Glutamine – H. pylori can cause gastrointestinal damage, and here glutamine proves useful. This amino acid, which is found in many pet food products, but also in some fruits and vegetables, can help to heal the damage.

Folate or Folic Acid and Other B Vitamins – Getting enough of these nutrients can help lessen your chances of acid reflux. You can win these from foods like asparagus, liver, spinach, and okra.

Vitamin D – Optimizing your key nutrient levels through exposure to the sun can help boost your production of over 200 antimicrobial peptides that can help eliminate infections, including H. pylori.

How To Alleviate Heartburn Through Lifestyle Changes??

(how to get rid of heartburn naturally)


Heartburn can sometimes be triggered by certain habits. Simple changes to your routine may also be necessary to alleviate it.

Lifestyle tips to help you get rid of heartburn naturally:


Keep a Healthy Weight

If you are obese or overweight, consider losing weight.


Extra kilos can put pressure on the stomach, causing more acid to enter the esophagus.


Wear Loose Clothing

Clothing that is too tight can put pressure on the stomach and cause heartburn.

Eat smaller, more frequent meals at intervals

this will allow your stomach to digest food more efficiently and help regulate the production of digestive enzymes.


Overeating in the stomach causes the LES to open, so this is a good strategy.


Avoid using unnecessary medications, if possible

Some over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription medications can cause heartburn.


These include antidepressants, anxiety drugs, blood pressure medicines, antibiotics, osteoporosis drugs, nitroglycerin, and analgesics.


Sleeping on the Left Side

This causes the acid to accumulate farther away from the esophageal sphincter, reducing the risk of it rising again.


Stay upright, especially after eating

this helps prevent the digestive acids from moving up and out of the stomach.


Stop Smoking

The LES relaxes and opens when you smoke, which leads to reflux of acid. It can also affect the production of stomach acid.

Identify the triggers in your food – Certain foods can cause heartburn.


Try to keep a food diary to find out what gets you started and how to actively avoid these foods.


What causes heartburn at all?

(how to get rid of heartburn naturally)

As mentioned earlier, heartburn typically occurs when the lower esophageal sphincter relaxes irregularly and the acid migrates backward into the esophagus. That’s what causes painful heartburn.


While most people think that reflux occurs because of overproduction of stomach acid, it’s actually the opposite – it’s too low an amount of stomach acid that leads to this problem. Only in rare cases does heartburn occur because of excessive stomach acid, especially if you have Zollinger-Ellison syndrome.


However, there are other possible causes of acid reflux besides low acidities, such as:


  • Hiatus hernia – This occurs when part of the stomach sticks up through the hiatus, an opening in the diaphragm.


  • Helicobacter pylori infection (H. pylori) – While this type of bacteria can be part of your normal healthy microbiome, unpleasant symptoms can occur if there is an overproduction of it.


Often, this H. pylori overgrowth is caused by poor food choices. In addition, reducing your stomach acid levels will prevent your body’s ability to eliminate H. pylori.

  • Food Allergies – These can also play a role in the occurrence of heartburn. Eliminate frequent offenders such as alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine.


Does milk get rid of heartburn?

Hardly any other home remedy for heartburn is so popular, though its effects are controversial. While there are positive testimonials, scientists currently believe that a glass of cold milk does not help, but can even increase heartburn. Milk has a slightly acidic pH of 4.5. So it is unable to neutralize the stomach acid.


A glass of milk for heartburn – just a myth?

But why do some sufferers feel that a glass of cold milk soothes acute heartburn? There is no scientific explanation for this. Since heartburn has many different causes and can also be triggered by stress, for example, it is quite possible that it is a placebo effect.

The belief that milk helps and the cooling effect – especially in the irritated esophagus – relaxes and soothes the stomach. If you want to play it safe, drink lukewarm water instead. This contributes to the thinning of stomach acid and can flush it back into the stomach.

Can drinking water help with heartburn?

With heartburn, stomach acid rises into the esophagus and this causes burning pain. For the heartburn and the triggered pain stops, the stomach acid must go back into the stomach.

By drinking water, this process is triggered and in addition, it ensures that the stomach acid is diluted or neutralized. Therefore, by drinking this liquid relief heartburn caused.


Which water helps against heartburn?

It is important to know that not every kind helps against heartburn. Therefore, it should not be easy to reach for a water bottle if heartburn causes discomfort.


If the heartburn to alleviate, then you should resort to still water. In addition, it should contain no additional flavors and above all not come out of the fridge.


How should the water be consumed for heartburn?

(how to get rid of heartburn naturally)


It helps best against heartburn when it is lukewarm. It should be drunk in small sips. This reduces the risk that too much air gets into the stomach and renewed heartburn is triggered by belching.


Drinking too fast may also cause the sphincter to separate the stomach contents from the esophagus. This muscle closes as soon as swallowing is complete. By drinking too much at once, the rhythm of this muscle is disturbed. This allows the stomach contents to get back into the esophagus, causing heartburn.

Since it is difficult to buy lukewarm water on the way, the purchased room temperature should have. Preparations for such a situation can already make. A thermos bottle of lukewarm water can prepare at home and take with you when leaving the house.



Heartburn can be painful, but it is controllable

Heartburn can be a troublesome and painful condition, but please note that the use of pharmaceutical interventions is not a viable solution. Rather, the answer is to restore the natural balance and function of the gut.

The best way to manage gut health is to choose food for a truly healthy diet. Keep in mind that processed foods contain sugar that can alter your microbiome, promoting the overgrowth of harmful microbes like H. pylori. By eating more proactively, you may be able to alleviate this condition – or even prevent it from happening to you.

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