How To Get rid of lower belly fat: 9 Scientifically Proven Tricks

How To Get rid of lower belly fat

Lower belly fat is a problem that most people face. It is often very difficult to get rid of lower belly fat, but abdominal fat cannot be ignored, because it increases the risk of hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes. We will talk about nine little tricks that can be very useful.

Tips To Get rid lower belly fat:

Tip 1: Avoid Sugar

How To Get rid of lower belly fat


To Get rid of lower belly fat avoid sugar. Because Sugar consumption, especially refined, is the main factor contributing to the formation of visceral fat. Its regular consumption in large quantities increases the level of glucose in the blood, which leads to the release of insulin in large quantities.

This can lead to insulin resistance – a condition that is associated with the metabolic syndrome. Refusing sweetened meals and drinks is one of the best things you can do today to quickly lose fat on your stomach. Learn to enjoy small amounts of natural sweeteners, such as fresh fruits, honey, and dates.

Tip 2: Drink tea to get rid of lower belly fat

How To Get rid of lower belly fat

A few cups of tea a day will help reduce belly fat. It is recommended to give preference to green tea. The Catechins (Catechins are a type of phenolic compounds very abundant in tea, cocoa and berries to which are ascribed a potent antioxidant activity) in the composition of the drink improve metabolism and speed up the process of burning fat, stimulating the liver, especially in combination with exercise. Another fat burning tea is peppermint, which is known for its appetite suppressant effect.


Tip 3: Consume more protein.

How To Get rid of lower belly fat

Eating protein saturates the stomach and reduces the level of the hunger hormone ghrelin, helping to reduce the total calorie intake per day. Food containing from 20 to 30 grams of protein also increases the level of metabolism in the body. Valuable sources of protein: poultry, lean meat, eggs, fresh fish, seafood, cottage cheese, and yogurt. Include one or more of these foods in each meal and you will soon notice positive changes.

Tip 4: Remember the importance of physical activity.

How To Get rid of lower belly fat

A sedentary lifestyle is a major risk factor for metabolic syndrome, obesity, and diabetes. It has long been proven that any movement is good for health. Simple things, such as climbing stairs instead of an elevator or taking a quick walk at lunchtime, can increase calorie consumption and reduce fat.

Tip 5: Include fiber in the diet

How To Get rid of lower belly fat


Experts recommend getting rid of lower belly fat include fiber in the die, especially soluble, contained in oats, chia seeds, legumes, vegetables, and fruits. The fiber swells in water, increasing the volume of the stomach contents and creating a feeling of fullness.




Tip 6: Calm your mind

How To Get rid of lower belly fat

Many people care about their figure, neglecting their emotional and mental state. For some, this may seem unusual, but yoga and meditation are indeed effective helpers in combating fat on the stomach, but not so much from the physical effect, as from their calming and relaxing effect on the human body.

Several studies have found a link between high levels of the stress hormone cortisol and weight gain, especially in the abdomen. Do yoga for at least 20-30 minutes a day for the best results or practice meditation daily.

Tip 7: Exercise regularly.

How To Get rid of lower belly fat

Regular exercise is the key to losing weight and keeping your body in good shape. Since there is no consensus about what is more effective – cardiovascular or strength training – experts recommend combining exercises from different types of physical activity. Weight training is especially important for people over 30 years old who are at risk of reducing bone density.

Contrary to popular belief, exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles are not conducive to burning fat on the abdomen. Go responsibly to sports to achieve maximum effect.

Tip 8: Avoid drinking alcohol.

How To Get rid of lower belly fat

No wonder nutritionists and doctors talk about the emergence of the so-called beer belly. Alcohol use has long been associated with abdominal obesity. This habit can easily destroy all your weight loss efforts.

Alcohol not only contains a high amount of calories, it is also known for reducing self-control and suppressing the will, so you can easily give up the right diet and eat junk food in large quantities. But is it worth the pleasure of drinking ruined health? Think about it.

Tip 9: Have a good night’s sleep.

How To Get rid of lower belly fat

Lack of sleep contributes to obesity, so doctors insist that a person should get enough sleep every day and comply with sleep patterns. Melatonin regulates the activity of the endocrine system, maintaining the right balance between hunger hormone — ghrelin and satiety hormone — leptin.

Lack of sleep increases appetite and insulin resistance, leading to the onset of stress symptoms that contribute to the accumulation of body fat. Make sure you sleep at least seven or eight hours a day. In a healthy body, a healthy mind, isn’t it?

how to get rid of lower belly fatFast fat loss – the best tips:

If your goal is to have a low-fat figure and an athletic body, it’s best to forget everything that you’ve heard or heard about diet and fat loss and give traditional diet guides for recycling.


Forget about the rules and guidelines of self-proclaimed “nutritional popes,” because their strategies and knowledge have not made people slimmer, but more obese, over the last 35 years, and you have little chance of losing their unloved fat if you Fat theories and other stories believe.

If you are seriously interested in fat loss, you need to be aware of the following:

If you have too much body fat, you are eating incorrectly and / or not enough, or you are really sick.


Fast Fat Loss – Bye Bye love fat pads

Fat does not make you fat, provided you eat the right fat (see below), not more than 60g of fat per day and not with carbohydrates. Although fat has more calories than carbohydrates often praised in regular diets  , it does so  much longer, along with  protein and fiber, and provides you with optimal fat metabolism, burning tons of calories. Do not forget that a certain amount of important  Omega 3 fatty acids to take. Especially omega-3 fatty acids contain nuts, fish (salmon, mackerel, herring) and oils such as linseed oil, walnut oil and olive oil. Eating too little fat will save you calories, but your metabolism burns far fewer calories than you save.

High-protein foods are the muscle nutrient at all, because high-protein foods saturate longer, support muscle growth and muscle maintenance. In addition, the body has to digest more energy for proteins than digesting carbohydrates and fats.

Do not forget natural fiber. High fiber foods include legumes, nuts, whole grains such as wholemeal bread, cereal, vegetables and brown rice.

Bad carbohydrates are the actual fatliquors, especially if you eat (which is almost always the case) too much short-chain (not complex) carbohydrates (sugar, white flour, rice, etc.) and even worse if you mix with fat (chocolate, cake , Chips, etc.) are consumed. If you want to lose fat, you need to focus on reducing carbohydrate intake, because the carbohydrates or insulin they create will fill your fat cells.

Foods that contain many  essential vitamins , minerals and trace elements are important “adjuvants”, because for example, zinc contributes to normal fatty acid metabolism and normal protein synthesis, while magnesium, for example, helps reduce fatigue and fatigue, etc. Vitamin-rich foods are for example Vegetables, fruits and salad.

Here are many important nutritional guidelines and tips that anyone can follow.

Sport is a natural Fat Burner a very crucial factor in the success of diet and fat loss. However, the so-called aerobic fat loss training (jogging, biking, treadmill, etc.) is far from being the non-plus ultra. If you want to be a good endurance athlete, then you have to do hours of running. However, if you want to lose fat (and even build muscle), then you should better combine endurance, strength and strength training and, above all, every day as much exercise intensive (stairs running, jogging a few meters from one office to another, more often make a few squats in the work break, etc.) spend.

With conventional aerobic fat loss training such as light jogging, biking, etc., fat is burned rather than carbohydrates as an energy source, but only as long as you exercise. However, the strength training muscles consume more calories 24 hours a day. In addition, force and power training (sprints, circuit training, etc.) cause a not so high in fat consumption but even a so-called “afterburning effect” of 6 to 24 hours. During this afterburning effect, according to the latest studies, the body consumes significantly more calories than usual, which means that exercise-induced total calorie consumption in force-strength training generally exceeds that of aerobic endurance training.


Implementation of the success rules for fast fat loss in practice

Case 1:

If you want to become lean, muscular and capable of taking about 9 months, you will eat about 50-60g of good fats per day, 40g of fiber best in the form of lots of vegetables (of course made without fat), 100-200g of protein (depending on body weight and gender), not significantly more than 100g of slow (complex) carbohydrates like oatmeal, whole grains and a little fruit, etc. Go to a gym and do a 30 minute strength workout, then go the best on the treadmill and perform 3 sprints (in between running loose) and then jog, cycle or row for about 20 minutes as endurance training.

Case 2:

You want to see success (as human and motivating) as quickly as possible, or you even aim for an above-average athletic physique. Let’s start with the training. You will have to do a 45-minute weight training 3 or even 4 times a week, then 3 – 5 sprints followed by aerobic cycling, rowing or running.

Calorie : Calculator for weight loss

The energy balance

The difference between energy intake and energy consumption is the energy balance . The energy balance tells you whether you eat and drink more or less energy than you consume through exercise. You gain body fat when the energy balance is positive (= eat more than you consume) and you lose body fat when the energy balance is negative (= eating more than eating). The greater the positive energy balance, the faster you take body fat, the greater the negative energy balance, the faster you lose weight.


To calculate how fast you can decrease with a negative energy balance, divide the energy content (= the calories) of 1 kg body fat by the daily negative energy balance. The result is the days it takes to lose 1 kg of body fat.

To reduce the body weight by 1 kg, you have to reach a negative energy balance of about 7,500 kcal. If you consume 500 kcal more than you eat daily, you will need about 15 days to lose 1 kg of body weight. The weight loss consists of the reduction of body fat and the loss of bound to the body fat cells water.


Calculator for weight loss

With the calculator for weight loss you can calculate how long you need at a certain negative energy balance to decrease the desired weight. Please note, however, that such calculations are by no means suitable for determining exact results. At best, formulas and online calculators are a good way to get a rough idea of ​​how long the desired decrease will take.

Average weight loss

approximate weight loss with negative energy balance


Daily Energy


Lose 1 kg Take Off 5kg
100 kcal 75 days 375 days
200 kcal 38 days 188 days
500 kcal 15 days 75 days
750 kcal 10 days 50 days
1000 kcal 8 days 38 days
1500 Kcal 5 days 25 days
2000 kcal 4 days 19 days


Stubborn belly fat: 

Excess body fat is particularly hard to get rid of in some regions. Those who want to fight against his stubborn belly fat, these expert tips could help.

Sometimes all the bite training and the recommended diet does not help: The belly fat just will not go away. The following tips and hints can help, so that it finally goes to the bacon rolls.

The stomach is probably one of the better known problem areas.

It is sometimes not so easy to break down excess fat at this part of the body.

In addition to the general lifestyle, genetics and stress also contribute to the accumulation of fat in this zone.

The Australian fitness expert Kristy Curtis has told the English-language Daily Mail voiced some tips that you can belly fat but just go to the collar.

Good sports units

Of course, exercises can be like jogging , cycling and swimming, which increase the heart rate, can help reduce body fat.

But it is important to balance the workout and not overload certain areas of the body.

“Too many repetitions of a particular exercise can lead to overuse injuries such as tendon and joint inflammation or muscle strain,” warns the expert.

The weekly training plan should therefore include resistance training for two or three days, allowing the body to build muscle.

These in turn support the bones, preventing heart disease and osteoporosis, and often have a positive impact on stature.


Another important aspect: Greater muscle mass burns more calories.


Pay attention to the calorie intake

If you want to lose weight, you should not eat unnecessary calories.

Losing weight works according to the simple principle of the calorie deficit.

So more energy needs to be burned than food adds to the body.

“To lose one kilogram of weight, you need a deficit of 7,700 calories,” says Curtis.

An easy way to keep track of your calorie intake is by tracking, writing and counting this.


Less sugar and refined carbohydrates

“Sugar and refined carbohydrates have absolutely no nutritional benefits and are empty calories,” explains the nutrition expert.

Not only do they have no nutritional benefits, they even have a bad effect on the body.

Sugar has a bad effect on blood sugar and insulin.

After consuming high-sugar foods, it initially comes to a strong increase and shortly thereafter to a large decrease in insulin.

The reverse is bad at burning fat. Insulin is a hormone that promotes fat storage and inhibits fat burning.

Only if insulin levels are kept at a consistently low level can the body burn fat properly.

Incorporate exercise into everyday life

Who wants to get rid of excess fat, who has to do sports regularly – that’s for sure.

But in addition to the sports units, there are many other ways to burn extra calories in everyday life through physical activity.

“These simple exercises can be activities – like using the stairs instead of the elevator, getting off the bus early, doing simple house or garden work,” the expert suggests.

Pay attention to the protein intake

A protein-rich diet is extremely important for building muscle.

The muscles, in turn, are important for breaking down calories because they still burn energy when at rest.

“The more muscle we have, the more calories we burn – and the more food we can eat,” says Curtis.

Proteins are mainly found in red or white meat and fish. But also dairy products, beans and green vegetables are good sources of protein.

The Nutritionist advises daily to consume 0.8-1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight.

Those who regularly practice weight training or other intensive sports units can increase their protein intake.

Proteins are not just for building muscle important growth. They also help to prolong satiety, as they are slowly digested.

The right energy intake after training

Those who really exhaust themselves during the training can quickly be struck by a food cravings after the unit.

However, especially after training, care should be taken to provide the body with the right and healthy nutrients it needs.

The expert advises to take a meal or at least a healthy snack within an hour of training.

“The goal is to eat proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats to cover all of the vital macronutrients that the body needs,” Curtis told The Daily Mail.

Since the cells need a lot of nutrients after exercise, the meal can be a bit bigger if it is healthy.


Do without alcohol

If you have a healthy diet during the week and have done a lot of exercise, one or two drinks at the weekend can not hurt you, right?

But the nutrition expert also advises against excessive alcohol consumption.

” Alcohol can be catastrophic for our weight because it’s made from sugar or starch, it’s high in calories – seven calories per gram – almost as much as pure fat,” she warns.

Alcohol can not only cause a hangover the next morning, but also contributes a lot to excess body fat.

If you do not want to sabotage your hard work during the week, you should reduce your alcohol intake or not.



Tips To Losing lower abdominal fat fast


  1. Longer sleep reduces bacon rolls

During sleep the body burns a lot of fat. This means that who sleeps much, decreases more. Seven to nine hours per night are considered ideal.


  1. Big break between supper and night’s sleep

Try not to take the last meal of the day just before going to bed. The longer you stay awake after eating, the more fat reserves your body will attack during the night. If you grow up with a rumbling stomach, the gap between supper and bedtime is guaranteed to be big enough.

3. Miracle drug Vitamin C against lifebuoys

Vitamin C is an ingenious fat killer. It not only stimulates your metabolism, but also facilitates the absorption of iron in the blood. That in turn is important for the transport of oxygen, because your body needs a lot of oxygen for fat loss.

As a study from the University of Arizona revealed, vitamin C can increase fat burning by up to 33 percent. There are two more reasons for this. For example, the body needs the growth hormone HGH for fat burning at night, but this can only be formed if the vitamin is sufficiently supplied. The hormone norepinephrine, which is produced in the adrenal gland and supports fat loss, also requires vitamin C.

4. Minerals and trace elements combat pancetta

Not only vitamins, but also vital substances such as calcium, magnesium, chromium and manganese are important for stimulating the metabolism and thus for fat loss. Make sure you have a healthy, well-balanced diet with high-quality ingredients. Tomatoes, for example, contain a lot of chromium and that’s what your body needs to break down sugar. How about a tomato salad tonight?


How apple cider vinegar helps you lose weight?

Apple cider vinegar is said to contain minerals, trace elements, vitamins and antioxidants

Apple cider vinegar has long been much more than a natural cleanser. The kitchen helper has some features that make him a secret weapon on the way to becoming a dream figure.

5. Lead log helps with weight loss

Who controls his eating and drinking behavior, avoids excessive calorie intake. Regularly maintaining a nutritional record is considered one of the most effective weight loss methods. Note down your daily meals and you will notice how your head prevents your belly from unnecessarily large portions.

6. Regular meals prevent cravings

Similar eating times also promote fat loss. The reason for this is that by regular meals strong blood sugar fluctuations are avoided and as a result, especially for the belly fat dangerous food cravings fail.

7. Sufficient breakfast helps to lose weight

The day should start with a healthy breakfast . Ideal are long-filling, but healthy foods such as cottage cheese with fruit or a wholegrain cereal. Those who leave the house hungry in the morning risk losing weight at the bakery at the next corner and getting too fatty a particle.

8. Every day a quarter of an hour against hip gold

It is said that 15 minutes of physical activity per day help the abdominal fat to endure. You do not have to lace your sports shoes or run to the gym. It is enough to take the stairs instead of the elevator more often and to distribute exhausting work in the household or garden more evenly. Cleaning windows, mowing lawns, raking leaves, vacuuming, wiping floors are all wonderful fat killers. It is clean and tidy afterwards.

9. Bike instead of driving a car

Bicycling is just as good for your metabolism as jogging or swimming and also saves a lot on fuel costs. With a nice bicycle basket or cool saddlebags, even the purchase of the bike is fun.

10. Disarm stressors, get rid of belly fat

It’s easy to say, and yet it’s hard: avoiding stress helps a lot in reducing the lower abdominal fat. Try to defuse your biggest stress factors as much as possible. Despite full sugar and fat stores, your body constantly demands more calories under constant stress.

11. Avoid hunger

Starving makes the stomach flatten only very briefly. Unfortunately, your body realizes that the fat stores are not sufficient to supply it in times of need. At the next best opportunity (some feast with a buffet is guaranteed) he builds up more fat cells for safety’s sake – first on the stomach.


Hormone balance

You simply do not take off on the stomach? Then you should check your estrogen level!

You eat healthy, exercise regularly and still refuse your body, finally, the annoying love handles on the hip and stomach to break down? This can be due to increased estrogen levels.

12. Abdominal training for Lazy

Even a soft bed is a suitable place for abdominal exercises. Just lie on your back and move your upper body towards your knee. The more often you do that, the more it tweaks in the stomach and you will noticeably shatter your unloved fat cells. Incidentally, this also works sitting on the chair. Slip completely on the edge of the chair and lift both feet off the floor at the same time.






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