High Fat Diet: Here’s What No One Tells You About

In this article, we’re talking about the top healthy fats. This is an important article because there are so many people who actually want to follow a high fat diet but they don’t know what fats to turn to. High-fat diet I mean like the ketogenic diet, a high fat low carb diet and basically when you look at the high-fat diet has plenty of benefits.

A lot of people used to think that when we look at a high-fat diet you had to be worried your arteries clogging up and heart attacks. New research says there’s basically no correlation between eating a high-fat diet and going and having clogged arteries or heart attacks. When we look at facts we know now that these fats are actually healthy for us. They actually improve our health and improve our cardiovascular health.

The Avocado:

high fat diet

The avocado is great because it’s got 20 grams of fat in it. It’s one of really the fattiest plants that you can eat so it’s really great. I love avocado because you can simply throw it in your lunch with you. You can cut it in half put some sea salt on it. It’s delicious and then you can also take the avocado to make so many things out of it. I mean you can make puddings out of its different sides. You can make so many different things with an avocado.

Olive Oil: 

high fat diet

Olive oil is great too. You can use it as a dip for something. You can take the olive oil to sprinkle it over your salad. It has about 73 percent of oleic acid content. It’s going to support decreasing inflammation and it also is going to decrease the risk of cancer. When you decrease inflammation in the body you pretty much decrease the risk of all the different diseases out there. But you’re also going to even support reducing the symptoms of arthritis which is an inflammatory condition.


Coconut Oil:

High fat diet

Coconut oils rich In MCT and MCTS is going to decrease hunger but increased fat-burning and also be a good source of ketones in the body. You can assume those MCTS essentially it easily is converted in the liver into ketone so that your brain your body can utilize that fuel. Ketones are a very efficient fuel source for the brain and the body.




high fat diet

eggs are really great if you’re on the ketogenic diet. I can tell you how do people eat a lot of eggs on the keto diet. A,  B, D vitamins are also high in choline which is really good for the brain, and also rich in antioxidants.





high fat diet

It has CLA which is proven actually helped with fat burning as a matter of fact supplements which support fat burning. Butter is great because it’s got the CLA also it’s loaded with saturated fats which help your overall health. Butter is great, especially on the keto diet.



Fatty fish:

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Fatty fish is awesome. When you look at some of the fatty fish out there salmon is incredible one but also sardines. You’re gonna get a lot of DHA and those you’re gonna get a lot of good and mega threes in them. If you haven’t tried sardines yet don’t knock them just give it a try. Because they’re very healthy and offer a lot of health benefits.



Full-fat dairy:

I separated butter from dairy because I want to differentiate the two because butter has some pretty unique properties. Full-fat dairy is awesome and I say full fat because when we look at dairy a lot of people or buying dairy with all the fat stripped out of it. It’s rich in enzymes fats in if you’re getting like yogurt, cheese’s probiotics. Full-fat dairy especially is typically a staple on the keto diet for many people.

Nut Butter:

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When we look at nut butter like almond butter, Valencia peanut butter, of course, these are great because they’re rich in fat. But when we look specifically to people who are on the ketogenic diet you might want to get some keto specific nut butter. You can get like almond butter with MCT oil you can get a nut butter that is made of like macadamia nuts cashews MCT oil. So any way you can get something more specific keto ones, but in general nut butter are a great source of good quality fats.


Dark Chocolate:

high fat diet


It’s mostly saturated fat, looking at dark chocolate really powerful here for your overall health. It’s loaded with antioxidants and so many other things as well. When we look at top healthy fats this is it this is what you really want to stick to some of. These really great fats especially if you’re trying to get that high-fat low carb diet.


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