How To Lose Weight Fast: 18 Golden Tips To lose weight Fast

18 Golden Tips To Lose Weight Fast 

how to lose weight fastIn this article, I will explain to you how to lose weight fast in just one or a few weeks, in a healthy way, without nonsense radical diets. Some of the tips in this article are unique and can not be found anywhere else on the internet.


Since, of course, I know neither your weight, your fat percentage or similar data from you, it is IMPOSSIBLE to set up a concrete plan, with which you will lose X kilos in X weeks.


But in this article, I will give you the best tips that have been scientifically proven to be healthy and fast on weight loss. The following you will learn here:


  1. How many kilos can you really lose per week (without nonsensical trend diets).
  2. Why ALL diets are based on 4 types of slimming.
  3. 7 psychological weight loss tips that will surprise you.
  4. Why not have to do sports to lose weight fast.
  5. 4 mental tips that help you lose weight fast and healthy.

Do not believe in fairy tales!

If you google for terms like ‘lose weight’ or ‘lose weight fast’, you will find article titles that promise you the blue of the sky. Unfortunately, these sites do not give you a realistic picture of what you can really lose.


How much weight can you lose per week?

When losing weight, many factors play a role. The speed at which you lose weight depends on your height, fat percentage, your current nutritional scheme, and so on.


But there is a general rule of how much weight you can lose per week.


Experts believe that one can usually lose between 0.5 and 2 kilos of fat per week.

Note: this is fat! Of course, you always want to lose fat, but you can also lose water or glycogen (the body’s sugar supply). The latter often occurs when you have just started a low-carb diet.


4 Ways To Lose Weight Fast and Healthy

Ok, after this introduction, we can now focus on the 18 quick-lose tips.


These are divided into 4 types of weight loss. If you look at all diets together, there are 4 different ways (another subdivision follows):


  • Nutrition
  • Movement (effort)
  • Stress management (relaxation)
  • Mental attitude / mindset

Why the diet has the biggest effect

In a review of all studies over the past 25 years, it was examined whether diet or exercise has more impact on weight loss, with participants overweight (around 90 kilos).


If you look at this research, which extended over 15 weeks, you get the following results:


Number of lost kilos after 15 weeks


  • Nutrition group: 10.7 kg
  • Group ‘movement’: 2.9 kg removed
  • Nutrition + Exercise group: 11.0 kg decreased

It is easy to see that nutrition is much more important than exercise. Also, I see this very often with my customers in the practice. Even a fairly recent Harvard study comes to these results ( source ).


On the basis of these data and empirical values, we can, for example, assume the following relationship:


Influence diet versus exercise while losing weight


  • Movement: 20%
  • Diet: 80%

Since the diet has such a big impact on weight loss, I have also paid more attention to it in this article.


Looking at ALL diets together, you can differentiate aspects of nutrition that affect the weight loss process. How much you eat (amount), what you eat (type) and when you eat (timing).


Then you get the following overview:


  • Diet (important!), Distinction in:
  • How much you eat (quantity)
  • What you eat (type)
  • When to eat (timing)
  • Movement (effort)
  • Stress management (relaxation)
  • Mental attitude / mindset

I will now give you tips on every point. But most of them will turn to nutrition, because of course it has the biggest impact.


Diet: How much to eat (quantity)

Actually, these weight loss tips all have an effect on the amount you eat by affecting the hormones or psychological tricks. With these tips you can lose a lot without exercises.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 1: Eat slower

It might sound like a joke, but you’ll wonder how big the influence of this simple trick can be.

People who eat fast are 115% more likely to get overweight compared to people who eat slowly ( source ). In another study with 529 men, participants who said they had ‘very fast’ food had gained twice as much weight within 8 years as those who ate at ‘slow’ or ‘medium’ tempo ( source ) ,


How does this happen?


Well, if you ate, the hunger hormone ghrelin is suppressed by the intestine. He also produces three anti-hunger hormones ( source ).


These hormones send a signal to the brain that you are saturated. The problem is that this whole process takes about 20 minutes!


Therefore, the effect of slow eating is very big in terms of losing weight. Here are some explanations:


  • You suppress the feeling of hunger, which makes you feel more satisfied faster.
  • You eat less, which gives you a good 10% less calories ( source ).
  • You chew more intensively, which means you can eat up to 15% less calories ( source ).
  • The blood sugar level is less pronounced, which facilitates the burning of fat.

* The calorie reduction of points 2 and 3 can not be added here because they overlap.

Summary Tip # 1: Eat slower to make you feel full faster and lose calories.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 2: Breakfast with protein

Many people start the day with carbohydrates like bread or cereal. But with this, you have the chance to lose weight in one or a few weeks.


If you want to lose weight fast, you certainly should not do this every day.


Here are the disadvantages:


  • Your body will thereby burn sugar, the fat burning is stopped directly.
  • Carbohydrates have a high ‘eating factor’ which makes you eat more and more.
  • Carbohydrates cause increased insulin production leading to fat storage at high levels.

Instead of carbohydrates, you should therefore rather eat protein for breakfast. Studies have shown that this helps one to feel satiated,

with the consequences listed here:


  • People think about 60% less food ( source ).
  • People have 50% less appetite for snacks in the evening ( source ).
  • People eat a good 400 calories a day! ( Source )

This is an excellent way to reduce the number of calories and thus lose weight quickly.


By the way, a fairy tale egg would negatively affect cholesterol or increase the likelihood of heart disease ( source ). This statement really belongs to the past.

Summary Tip # 2: Start the day with protein, eg with a fried egg or boiled egg, meat, tuna or poultry!


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 3: Drink water before eating

By drinking water, you can accelerate weight loss enormously, especially if you drink water before eating.


For example, a study of adults and seniors has shown that drinking half a liter of water before eating speeds up weight loss by 44% over a 12-week period compared to people who do not ( source ).


There are two explanations for this:


  • By drinking half a liter of water before eating, the feeling of hunger decreases, which ultimately results in less eating.
  • Studies have shown that one hour after drinking half a liter of water, you burn 24-30% more calories ( source ).

People often confuse feelings of thirst and hunger. So you should always drink a glass of water (or a cup of green tea) to be sure you are really hungry or just thirsty.

Summary Tip # 3: Drink half a liter of water before each meal to speed up weight loss by 40%!



Psychological Tip # 1: Use small plates

A whole series of studies shows that you automatically eat less if you use small plates. This is because you then see the portion on your plate differently ( source).


People always fill their plates in the same way, no matter how big they are ( source ). If the plate is large and there is little food on it, you have the impression that you have eaten very little. If the plate is small on the other hand … it seems to be full quite fast and one has the impression to have eaten a lot.


By replacing plates of 32 cm diameter by plates with 24 cm diameter, you eat on average already 27% less ( source ).


Psychological Tip # 2: Use tall, thin glasses

Research has shown that you can drink up to 57% less if you use tall, thin glasses ( source ).


Therefore, use tall, thin glasses when drinking alcohol or high-calorie drinks. Use low, wide glasses when drinking water and tea.


Psychological Tip # 3: Use red plates with unhealthy food

Another trick: if you eat unhealthy food from a red plate, you will eat less of it than a white or blue plate ( source ). Presumably, we associate red with ‘stop’.


Psychological Tip # 4: Draw less

Another study has shown that you eat almost 40% less when you exhaust 45% less (500 instead of 900 grams) ( source ). When you go out to dinner or visit someone, social pressure creates the necessary problems.


In addition, we always want to bring people to finish what we started with. In psychology, this is called the Zeigarnik effect.


Psychological Tip # 5: Do not look at ads

People who watch food on TV while eating eat 28% more than people who do not ( Source ).


Be careful about watching TV while eating!


Diet: What to Eat (Type)

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 4: Stop with (light) drinks and fruit juices

I always find it very amusing to find articles on the Internet that are about losing weight and that start with the phrase: ‘Tip 1: Do not eat sugar’


I think then always the same: Do they think me stupid?


A problem for many people is that they never read the labels with the ingredients and only listen to the beautiful (and always misleading) sayings that appear on the packaging. And of course, every manufacturer finds his own product super!


The tip to not eat sugar is certainly not a very well-kept secret …


“But what you should definitely know is that soft drinks and fruit juices are your biggest enemy, because they are brimming with sugar. That’s why I often call soft drinks and fruit juices ‘liquid sweets’.”


Incidentally, I do not mean fresh juices with fruit juices. Fresh juices are only recommended if the fibers of the fruit and/or vegetables are still present. Fiber slows down the absorption of sugar. If these fibers have been removed from the fruit juice, you will give the preparation of (belly) fat a real boost.


If you replace high-calorie drinks such as soft drinks and fruit juices with water, you will already lose weight spectacularly ( source ).


But also of light drinks, you can only advise against. These contain artificial sweeteners such as:


  • Scesulfame K (E950)
  • Aspartame (E951)
  • Cyclamate (E952)
  • Isomalt (E953)
  • Saccharin (E954)
  • Sucralose (E955)

Here are some facts about light drinks:


  • When the body tastes sweet, it expects sugar and releases insulin directly ( source ). Insulin is known as the (belly) fat storage hormone.
  • A 14-year study has shown that the likelihood of developing diabetes increases more strongly with light drinks than with the normal variants of the drinks ( source ).
  • In the same study, diabetes risk increased by 33% when drinking a glass of light beverage daily ( source ).
  • In another study, daily consumption of light drinks was linked to an increase in type 2 diabetes risk to 67% ( source ).
  • Another study showed that women who drink light drinks drink twice as much of these drinks as women who drink normal high-sugar drinks ( source ). The reason for this is that artificial sweeteners are more addictive.
  • In a study with rats that consumed artificial sweeteners, the following occurred: they ate more, slowed their metabolism and increased their fat by 14%, all while consuming fewer calories had ( source ).

Sounds really healthy, these light drinks … really viiiiiiel better than the normal sugar-rich drinks!

Summary Tip # 4: Avoid all soft drinks – including light drinks – and fruit juices.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 5: Avoid hidden sugar

Did you already know, that…


  • Put 44 sugar cubes in a bottle of tomato ketchup?
  • Putting 40 sugar cubes in a bottle of salad dressing?
  • 28 sugar cubes in a serving of peanut sauce?
  • 25 sugar cubes in a glass of pasta sauce?
  • 13 sugar cubes in drinking yogurt?
And you can continue the list as you like …

These are all very large numbers, but there are also countless products with much smaller amounts of sugar.


“One would have to say better: only a few products in the supermarket contain no sugar.”


About 80% of everything you can buy in the supermarket contains sugar or something that uses a code name for sugar.


Because there are so many such aliases for sugar. Usually, these aliases end with ‘ose’ or contain terms like ‘syrup’ or ‘molasses’.


In my opinion, these aliases have only one function: to wipe the eyes of ignorant consumers. This is achieved with the help of two effective techniques:


  • If the consumer does not recognize the code name, he thinks that the product contains no sugar.
  • The ingredient, which is the main ingredient of the product, must be mentioned by the manufacturer first. If the manufacturer divides all the sugars used into different names, he can hide the sugar much further down the list, which in turn causes the consumer to think that there is little sugar in the product.

These techniques are also referred to as clean labeling. In this way, manufacturers do not really improve their product, but just make it look better (or rather less bad) than it really is.

Summary Tip # 5: Always read the ingredients list of a product and discover hidden sugars on their code name.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 6: Eat low in carbohydrates

People in the Western world eat far too many carbohydrates. If you compare our eating habits today with those of the hunters and gatherers time, we have pretty much strayed from the right path.


In a study from the year 2000, scientists have determined how many carbohydrates a person ate the hunter-gatherer culture on average ( source ). If we compare this with our current diet, we come to the following conclusion:


Hunter and Collector Protein: 19-35% Fat: 28-47% Carbohydrates: 22-40%


Western Culture Protein: 15% Fat: 30% Carbs: 55%


We should, therefore, delete some carbohydrates and replace them with healthy fats and protein.

Summary Tip # 6: Return to the original amount of carbohydrates with the help of a low-carb diet.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 7: Eat more fiber

I had just mentioned fiber when I wrote that there was no fiber in fruit juices. In addition, these are full of sugar.


Both guarantees guaranteed jumps in blood sugar levels. The result is a strong insulin production, which in turn leads to (belly) fat deposition.


Adding fiber to your diet reduces this effect. Fiber is found in vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, cereal products, and beans.


Dietary fiber also provides a faster feeling of satiety, which means you automatically eat less ( source ). The reason for this is that fiber causes the stomach to literally be emptied more slowly ( source ).


It is therefore advisable to add one of the foods mentioned to each meal. The best option is to eat a (small) salad with every meal. Of course, you can also add nuts or fruit, beans, etc.

Summary Tip # 7: Eat more fiber-rich products to speed up weight loss and keep you feeling full for longer.


Psychological Tip # 6: Hang a mirror in the kitchen

Research has shown that eating a mirror in the kitchen is 32% less unhealthy eating ( Source ).


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 7: Make unhealthy food more difficult to access

Further research has shown that the likelihood of eating snacks that are harder to reach is greatly reduced. This has two reasons:


  • It takes about 20 seconds to think: Do I really need that?
  • “Out of sight, is out of mind”, for example, when storing sweets in a transparent and well-visible container, this container opens 71% more frequently and eats 77 calories more per day than when the container is opaque ( source ).

So keep your unhealthy snacks somewhere high up in the kitchen, where it’s a bad thing or somewhere in the back of the cellar. You will later reap the benefits of this measure.


Or do not buy any unhealthy food … then you can not be tempted.


Diet: When to eat (timing)

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 8: Leave the breakfast off sometimes

Breakfast is the most unimportant meal of the day!


“What ?!”, you may call now. I will explain that …


Point 1: The Metabolism Myth


Many people think we have to have breakfast for the metabolism to get going. A nice theory, which however represents the opposite of scientific findings.


A study has shown that you burn exactly the same calories a day, whether you eat 2,000 Kcal in a meal, or spread in 5 to 6 portions throughout the day (assuming all other factors remain the same). ( Source , source )


Your metabolism will slow down only if you do not eat for 3 to 4 days (72-96 hours) ( source ). From that moment you reach the ‘starvation mode’. If you eat then it will be stored faster.


Fasting for short periods of accelerates metabolism ( source , source ). For example, a study of 11 men found that metabolism accelerated by 14% when fasting for 3 days ( source ).


Point 2: sugar versus fat burning


Here, in the Western world, we are all sugar junkies, as our bodies are powered by sugar throughout the day.


The body has two energy sources:


  • Sugar (also called glucose, which he extracts from carbohydrates)
  • fat

That’s why the body can also be in two different states:


Condition 1 : Sugar combustion

Condition 2 : Fat burning

As soon as you eat sugar or carbohydrates, the body goes IMMEDIATELY to sugar burning (an exception to this rule you can read at Tip 9). The reason for this is that it costs the body less trouble to burn sugar than fat.


Unfortunately, you do not lose any weight in the form of fat.


The solution is quite simple … stretch the number of hours you do not eat. The easiest way to accomplish this is to skip breakfast because you have already (ideally) slept 7-8 hours before that.


A compromise solution would be to have breakfast without carbohydrates, so only with protein and fat. But eating nothing is most effective.


Item 3: Health Benefits


I could literally write a whole essay about the health benefits of skipping breakfast.


Here’s a list of benefits to going through these hours without eating:


  • Your insulin sensitivity increases, which improves fat burning.
  • The growth hormone HGH increases, which accelerates fat burning.
  • The blood pressure drops.
  • Your life expectancy increases if you do it regularly (in rats up to 30%)


Summary Tip # 8: Let break the breakfast 1 to 3 times a week and eat again at 12 noon. But you do not need to eat less per day.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 9: Eat Carbs and Protein After Exercising

In the previous tip, I said that the body immediately begins to burn sugar when it’s fed to it, which also requires counting carbohydrates.


There is one exception to this rule. If you eat carbohydrates right after exercise, the body will continue to burn fat.

This is because after exercise the body’s own sugar supply (which is also called glycogen) is partially or completely consumed. Now if you eat carbohydrates, this supply is replenished first ( source ).


So if you want to burn fat all day, you can eat carbs the best after training. Carbohydrates also help your muscles regenerate by activating the growth hormone HGH.


If you do not eat any more carbohydrates, you can get long term problems, if you are intensively active in sports, because then the muscles can hardly regenerate ( source ).


Protein is eaten to build muscle mass. I also advise women to do this because the more muscle you build, the faster you will burn fat.

Summary Tip # 9: Eat carbohydrates after exercise to help your muscles regenerate while still burning fat. Eat with protein to help you build muscle mass and speed up fat burning.



How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 10: Operate short high-intensity training

When it comes to moving, people usually start blindly with cardio training. After all, cardio is after all the exercises, so you will certainly lose it as well.


That’s right, but prolonged cardio training also has some disadvantages:


  • Increased production of the anti-stress hormone cortisol. This leads to fat storage, especially on the stomach.
  • A decrease in testosterone, although this hormone is just stimulating fat burning. And, yes, this hormone is also important for women.
  • The effect on insulin sensitivity is quite low, which means that fat storage is not always less.

An exercise that burns 7 times more fat is short high-intensity training. This is a type of training where you do not train at the same pace all the time as you do with cardio.


You train only in short periods of, for example, 30 seconds with very intense exercises and then rest for 10 seconds.


If you warm up for about 5 minutes and run cool-down for 5 minutes after training, a workout will take about 20 minutes.


Running short high-intensity training 3 times for 20 minutes will do MUCH more than having the same or even longer cardio workouts.


Do you have little time, but you want maximum results?


Then STOP with cardio and start with short high-intensity training. I will soon be preparing a video for short high-intensity training.

Summary Tip # 10: Start with short high-intensity training to burn fat much faster than with cardio.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 11: Physical Exertion Before Eating

This is a unique tip that can not be found anywhere on the internet.


This tip achieves that less insulin is released simply because it becomes unnecessary to dispense it. As you now know, excessive insulin production is your enemy because it leads to fat storage, especially around the abdomen.


This exercise is also recommended for diabetic patients because it makes them less dependent on insulin.


Insulin, to put it briefly, is the key to the cells. Without insulin, the cells can not be supplied with energy in the form of glucose (sugar).


When the cells in the muscles and liver are filled with glucose and more glucose is left, the body has to get rid of them somewhere. In addition, the body produces extra insulin and then stores the excess glucose in the form of fat cells – oh no!


However, if you make a physical effort just before eating, GLUT4, independent of insulin, will provide the muscle cells with energy.


This has two big advantages:


  • Because GLUT4 supplies the cells with glucose rather than insulin, it becomes more sensitive to insulin, and this is a great advantage in the case of diabetes and losing weight ( source ).
  • With GLUT4, cells can take up much more glucose, which greatly reduces the likelihood of fat deposition ( source ).

So you want to counteract the fat storage? Then you should undergo a physical effort before you take your meal. This tip also applies at Tip 9, where I advised you to eat carbohydrates after exercise.


Of course, as you can not exercise extensively before each meal, you can just do a few intense short exercises, such as Burpees:


Summary Tip # 11: Apply physical effort, such as burpees, just before eating to increase your insulin sensitivity and store less fat.


Stress Management

Stress is an underrated topic when it comes to losing weight. If you are very stressed, you will also lose weight more slowly, because by stress you put on fat faster.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 12: Avoid chronic stress

Stress is increasingly producing the anti-stress hormone cortisol. If the stress only lasts for a short time, for example when you startle or something exciting happens, this is not a problem. But it becomes a problem when the stress lasts long / becomes chronic.


If the cortisol level is high, it will lead to fat deposits on the stomach ( source ). In addition, the blood sugar level rises ( source ), and thereby losing weight becomes more difficult.


If you take a radical diet that involves very few calories, you may also be exposed to high levels of stress, which also produces more cortisol ( source ).


Incidentally, cortisol is not your enemy, because it’s a hormone designed to reduce the harmful effects of stress. Cortisol itself is not bad, but rather an indicator of whether you are stressed.

In this regard, it is comparable to cholesterol. An elevated cholesterol level is the result of an unhealthy lifestyle and just tries to help you keep the processes going well in your body. So cholesterol is also there to help you and is not your enemy.


Here are some ways to significantly reduce your stress levels:


  • Meditating: This can lower the cortisol level by 20% ( source )
  • Planting at home or at work: these can reduce stress by about 15% ( source , source )
  • listen to music
  • Do not do a radical diet
  • Watch TV or a quiet or funny movie

Summary Tip # 12: Avoid chronic stress by sleeping better and looking for more relaxation.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 13: Sleep well

This tip follows Tip 12, where you should relax more to keep cortisol levels low.


Sleeping has a big impact on the weight loss process. Here are some test results:


  • Lack of sleep is associated with a 55% increased likelihood of obesity in adults and 89% in children ( source ).
  • Lack of sleep leads to fluctuations in the hormones leptin and ghrelin, whereby the appetite is poorly regulated ( source ).
  • When pilots miss 15 hours of sleep a week, their cortisol levels increase by 50-80% ( source )

A human needs at least 7 hours of sleep. Some people also need more, but almost no one more than 9 hours.


Here are some sleeping tips:


  • Do not use any screens after 20:00 or use the Flux program to filter out blue light. For Android phones use Twilight and for Apple phones Night Shift (this is already the default setting on Apple devices from the IOS 9.3 update).
  • Do not drink caffeinated drinks in the evening, such as coffee, cola, green tea, etc.
  • Use the SleepCycle app to control how you sleep.
  • Sleep after the biorhythm and always go to bed at the same time.
  • Do not look at the clock, if falling asleep does not work, you only get stress.

Summary Tip # 13: Sleep well to avoid stress and better regulate your appetite.


Mental attitude / mindset

The mental attitude and mindset is also an underestimated topic when it comes to losing weight. With the wrong mindset, you will only lose one or two weeks, and then the yo-yo effect will begin.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 14: Intrinsic or Extrinsic Motivation?

When I talk to people inside or outside my practice, I often hear the words, “I MUST lose weight.” Even in stories that people email me, this remark is often read.


The word ‘must’ implies that the desire comes from the outside. These people do not want to lose weight for themselves, but for others.


These are usually two reasons:


  • Slimming for the partner or other people in the immediate area.
  • Lose weight to meet certain social norms.

So you take off for someone else and is therefore extrinsically motivated. But it should be an intrinsic motivation that drives you. The only one you want to lose weight for is yourself!


Therefore one should transform the ‘I must lose weight’ into an ‘I WANT to lose weight’, and also justify myself, why one wants this. It’s best to write down these reasons, then you’re more likely to follow that up.


Summary Tip # 14: You should always think ‘I WANT to lose weight’ (intrinsic motivation) instead of ‘I have to lose weight’ (extrinsic motivation).


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 15: Food should not be seen as a filler

Many people consider eating as filling the stomach. That’s a pity because the food you eat has other purposes.


There are two main goals:


  • That you get new energy.
  • That you get new nutrients.

If you focus your mind more on these two goals, you will automatically eat healthier as well.


Hunger will then no longer be the signal to stuff your stomach fast, but to give yourself the right sources of energy, including nutrients.

Summary Tip # 15: Concentrate on energy and nutrients instead of just filling the stomach while eating.

How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 16: Seek help

To increase your chances of success, finding support is a good idea.

So you do not have to go through it all by yourself. There are several possibilities:


  • Looking for a friend or girlfriend to play sports.
  • Share your weight loss plan with your family and friends who can assist you.
  • Join a group like a training group or a cooking club.

All this can give you the necessary extra motivation.


Summary Tip # 16: Find support from friends, family, or groups that share the same goal as you.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 17: Set realistic goals

“People overestimate what they can achieve in the short-term and underestimate what they can achieve in the long-term.”


People often have unrealistic goals, such as losing a lot of weight in a short space of time. This is the failure preprogrammed because this will not succeed.


But I can understand these people, too, because that’s what they are fooling around on the internet all the time. Even if I want to make people aware of this, the message is still often completely ignored.


Apparently, many people so much want to believe in extremely fast weight loss, that they can no longer think realistically. It’s almost like convincing a religious person that God does not exist … you will not succeed.


Again and again, I see that people have very high short-term expectations, which then do not come true and thus lose their motivation.


In the meantime, they are losing sight of their long-term goals, which are often underestimated in terms of expectation. This is often the case with start-up entrepreneurs: they often want to become millionaires in the first year of their venture, but they do not think about how big their company can become if they work for 5 or 10 years.


Therefore, set realistic weight loss goals and divide them into small sub-goals as much as possible, so that you can achieve a victory for yourself with every small sub-goal you achieve. Hereby you will positively affirm your actions.


Summary Tip # 17: Set realistic goals so that you do not lose your motivation and see every goal achieved, no matter how small, as a victory.


How To Lose Weight Fast Tip # 18: Dieting?

Some people ask me: How do I go through a diet?


This is, unfortunately, the wrong question, because with that you actually say: The diet that I want to do is a pain, how do I overcome it?


That’s the completely wrong entry.


A diet is often not so nice because diets often prohibit things that you would like to eat very much. Now, all the while trying to suppress that urge, all you’re left with is not eating anything.


But that just makes you think even more about what you like. After all, you have to block and suppress the thoughts that come up in you, and in this way, you are constantly occupied with them. And the urge just keeps getting bigger.




And what do you think then? Just – on chocolate!


Therefore one should not constantly think, ‘I want it, but I can not do it’, but on the contrary: ‘I may, but I do not want it’.


Summary Tip # 18: You should think, ‘I may, but I do not want it’ instead of ‘I want it, but I can not do it’.


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