How To Lose Weight On The Thighs: The Best Tips And Exercises

How to lose weight on the thighs: The best tips and exercises

How to lose weight on the thighsIn addition to the stomach and legs, they are one of the classic problem areas and many women dream of it: losing weight on the thighs. We have simple exercises and tips for you on how best to lose weight on the thighs and legs.


Slimming on the thigh:

You want to lose weight on the legs and thighs? Here are some effective exercises!


How do I lower my thighs?

Only lose weight on the legs: If you are on a diet, you usually want to lose weight all over. But sometimes that is not necessary – for example if you only want to lose weight on your thighs because you are satisfied with the rest of your body. You do not have to do any of these diets just to lose weight on the thighs, because there are several additional options: With sport and discipline, you can build muscle tissue on the thighs and thus reduce the circumference.

If you have your exercise program with a healthy diet combined, slimming on the thighs happens quite quickly. However, if stubborn love handles do not dissolve with exercise and dieting, perhaps the fatway syringe would be an option. This injects a substance into the tissue that literally dissolves the fat in the air.

How to reduce thigh fat in 7 days exercise

Regular exercise is a must if you want to get rid of the unloved love handles on your thighs. An effective method is targeted strength training. As a result, you build muscle, especially where you want to burn the fat. It’s best to go to a gym and train for a professionally designed training plan. There are countless devices, with which you can also train the thighs inside so that you then remove the thighs.


Slimming on the thighs: exercises for the home

But even at home, you can do a few exercises to tighten your legs and take off on the thighs:



How To Lose Weight On The ThighsBalance exercises should not be underestimated! Even if they look super easy, it’s pretty hard to keep your balance. The stand scales pay off when it comes to the thighs in shape!

It’s so easy to imitate it:


You stand upright, tense your stomach tightly. The entire weight is shifted to the left leg. Carefully remove the right leg from the floor and bend the upper body forward with the arm extended. Try lifting your right leg about waist level. The left leg should be slightly bent. If you find it too hard to stretch your leg to the waist, you should start slowly! Gradually you can raise your leg further. Try the exercise three times for 15 seconds each.



How To Lose Weight On The ThighsStand up, take a big step forward and kneel down with your front leg. The back leg stays stretched and almost touches the ground. Hold for 20 seconds, stand upright and repeat about 20 times.


The lunge also called lunges, is an essential exercise for firm legs.


Beck lift

How To Lose Weight On The ThighsLie on your back, put your legs hip-wide and raise and lower the pelvis 20 times. After a short break, you repeat the exercise twice more.

The bridge

Lie on your back, put your legs hip-wide, your arms are on the floor with your palms down. Raise the pelvis until thighs and knees line up. Hold the position for 10 seconds. Lower the pelvis again and repeat the exercise 20 times.


Endurance sports for slimming on the thighs

Good balancing sports to lose on the legs and especially on the thighs are swimming, cycling and walking. Equalizing is important to relax the muscles strained through strength training, which also has a positive effect on body firmness and endurance.


How To Lose Weight On The Thighs

The Nordic Walking is not only a running technique but also a healthy sport that ensures the balance of the body and uniform stress on hips and muscles in the entire musculoskeletal system. Nordic walking benefits from the physiological, diagonal movement during walking due to the conscious use of the pole. The moderate fitness is a fun outdoor endurance workout that is similar to cross-country skiing. The training intensity of Nordic Walking can be enhanced by jogging or jumping and made even more varied.

How can I tone my thighs fast?

The golden rule to lose weight on the thighs is that starvation does not help. Instead, you should eat low in fat and high in fiber and spread your hunger over several small meals a day. So you crank up the fat burning. Be sure to eat healthy foods. It’s best to reduce your sugary and fatty food to a minimum and eat five servings of fruits and vegetables a day. Replaces white flour products with whole grains. In addition, you should drink at least three liters of water or unsweetened tea a day. You should abstain from alcohol, which has the same calories as sweets.

What is Callanetics?

Anyone who wants to lose weight on the thighs stumbles over the term Callanetics – a mixture of yoga, ballet, and gymnastics, which is particularly well suited to take off at the buttocks and thighs. Success is achieved by frequent repetition of light movements. This makes the whole body firmer without being too muscular overall.


Are steppers effective to lose weight on the thighs?

Are not the usual exercises and stairs enough? Naturally! But some people need an extra boost, a serious fitness machine that makes them feel they have to do even more to fight annoying love handles on their thighs. Steppers are available in different lengths, widths, and heights. The exercises described above intensify their effect on the stepper! Po and thighs are noticeably stressed and tightened over time. It’s exhausting, it makes you sweat, decreases fat and muscle mass. A few minutes a day are enough – or just two to three intensive, longer sessions a week.


Thick calves? Tips for losing weight on the lower leg

Thin, wiry, fine muscles – that’s what most women want to look like today. This means above all: a lot of discipline, a lot of sports with your own body weight and a very healthy, balanced diet. You should always keep your fingers off of protein supplements. Since the muscles pump up only artificially. And also with weights in the gym, you should not overdo it. Apart from the self-controllable muscle irritation, many of us simply play a role in genes.

Unfortunately, thick calves can rarely be reduced by diet or exercise. And strong, muscular thighs are the result of a sporty and healthy life. Remember: Exercise is good for your body and allows you to eat more because you burn calories again. A side effect is a nice, fit body and a great posture. Properly thin legs cannot be trained. We find that if you do not have thin legs by nature, they would not fit you if you are so hungry that you get them. Better love your body exactly as it is! Because that’s how it fits you!


More tips and tricks for slimmer thighs

Not only sports exercises can help you to slimmer thighs! Therefore we have two small insider tips ready for you.

Include legumes in the nutritional plan

Beans and peas are really slimming products because they contain a lot of protein, but at the same time have few calories and are rich in different fiber. The effect: The protein-rich legumes melts the fat on your legs better!

Try changing showers


Changing showers not only stimulate blood circulation but also activate your metabolism and thus fat burning. For this, you have to shower your thighs only with cold and then with warm water.

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