how to lose weight

If women want to lose weight completely, they will no longer be in the vicious circle of weight loss rebound. How to lose weight?

Lose Weight With Enzymes

Enzymes are not diet pills. Diet pills will rebind because it loses moisture instead of fat. Enzymes help to clear the toxins while breaking down fat. It is a healthy way to lose weight without any side effects.

What is the enzyme?

The enzyme is the body’s digestive enzymes, which helps the body’s digestion and absorption, helps the intestinal function and flora regulation, and helps digestion. Enzymes contain a lot of lipolytic enzymes, which are effective in promoting fat catabolism! Because the enzyme has the advantage of first regulating the body’s metabolic balance and ensuring good health, and then the excess fat is cleaved.

The type of enzyme

There are two potential enzymes in our body, namely “metabolism enzymes (metabolizing enzymes)” and “digestive enzymes (digestive enzymes)”. Metabolic enzymes participate in and maintain human life activities, and can convert nutrients into energy after the food enters the intestines, and can be used by various functions in the body. Digestive enzymes are indispensable enzymes for digestion and absorption of food. After being secreted from the digestive organs, they decompose and release nutrients from food.

The physical composition of the human body

The human body is composed of water, protein, fat, and inorganic matter (including bones and muscles). The normal ratio is 55% of water, 20% of protein, 20% of fat, and 5% of inorganic matter. The water in the human body is divided into cells. The ratio of liquid to the extracellular fluid is 2:1. These body fluids account for 60% of the body’s body weight and are the largest component of the body. Water provides nutrients and oxygen to the cells.


Weight loss is fat, not dehydration!


We are thinner, we want to become smaller, not to lose weight, but the volume is still so big. The reason why we take diet pills will rebind, that is, we lose weight, not fat.

So when you stop taking medicine, your body’s moisture will come back again. So, you are heavier and hurt your body. You mistakenly think that it is thin and rebound. In fact, you didn’t really lose weight. Those weights are illusions! The meaning of real weight loss is volume and fat, not weight, so don’t use weight to measure the weight. It should be measured by measurements, volume, fat, and break down starch, protein, and fat from the body to achieve a healthy weight loss.

┬áThe principle of enzyme weight loss – clear toxins, the row of stools, disintegrate fat!


The principle of enzyme slimming is mainly to remove body toxins and accumulated stools all the year round and promote food digestion and metabolism of various functions of the body, such as lung poison, liver poison, and kidney poison. These are important organs for detoxification of the body, and the accumulation of toxins is too More, cannot be discharged from the body, it will form obesity, hemorrhoids, getting angry, constipation, pigmentation, aging and so on.


So many fat girls often say, why do I drink water and fat? Too many toxins in the body are not excluded! Of course fat! Enzymes have no side effects, safe detoxification, weight varies from person to person, look at your personal physique, don’t pay attention to how much you lose, but when you are healthy and detoxifying, you lose weight and keep your body!

Lose Wight isn’t Weight Loss

Losing weight is not weight loss, it is minus “fertilizer.” Fertilizer is oil, which is fat. Very light, not weighing scale, but occupying the place! So, don’t be too attached to the weight, the key is to look at the body fat! If the circumference changes, it means that it is really thin!

If women want to lose weight completely, they will no longer be in the vicious circle of weight loss rebound. How to lose weight?


The only way to improve body fat is to improve the body’s detoxification and increase metabolism. However, if there are too few potential enzymes in the body, it is not only healthy weight loss, rapid weight loss, but also the body’s various functions are difficult to promote.


First of all: enzyme detoxification takes time, each body is not the same, the absorption is not the same, it is like a plate of people eat deliciously, some people think that the general, the same reason, can not ask the enzyme to give you immediate results, eaten The enzymes are divided into several situations:


The effect is immediate


The waist circumference became smaller in a week, the acne gradually disappeared, and the frequency of going to the toilet also increased. These people’s physique is relatively easy to absorb, and the toxins are quickly excreted by the action of enzymes. This type of human body generally works well regardless of health care products.? The effect is slightly slower

It only took effect two weeks later, mainly in the toilet. These people need to insist on at least one month to reduce the amount.


Fat Burning Process is Slower


Enzymes need time to change the body. Each body is different. Many of them are slow-absorbing. When the enzyme changes, it takes a process from entering the body to absorbing to function. Some people do not respond for a month. This does not mean enzymes. It doesn’t work. It’s unscientific not to try to lose weight or lose weight with enzymes for a short time.

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