Potato Diet: Can potatoes help you lose weight?

Potato diet: lose weight quickly with the tuber

potato dietIn the potato diet, the tuber is valued mainly because it can lead to a quick and easy weight loss. Losing weight with potatoes can be counted in some forms to the mono-diets. Very few or even a single food is allowed in these diets – in this case, the potato.

Other variations of the potato diet are in turn a little less strict and also allow vegetables and salad as a side dish. In them, the potato is, therefore, the main actor, but not the main component of the weight loss treatment. Nutritionists, therefore, consider this type of diet far less critical.

Nevertheless, the same applies to all variants of the potato diet: they are only suitable for a short-term weight reduction over a short period of time.


Did you know? Worth knowing about the potato

In old sailor stories, the sailors were always sent to potato peeling in the galley. Fast potato peeling was a must here because the crew often wiped out tons of tuber, which is also called the “Erdapfel”. In fact, these testimonies do not belong to the sailor yarn but are facts. On ships, the potato was due to their high nutritional content and excellent usability as well as satiety value.

The indigenous peoples of South America, the Inca, also cultivated the potato, the “gold of the Inca”. They even worshiped a potato goddess symbolizing femininity and fertility. No wonder then that the tuber has prevailed to this day and is now even used in the form of a potato diet for weight loss.


Weight Loss with potatoes: Different variants of the potato diet

 Potato Diet: A bunch of potatoes for weight loss with potatoes

In its original form, the potato diet has been developed as a monodic diet. Only potatoes, together with a little lean quark (about 100 grams) and three eggs a day are eaten here to lose weight. The daily potato consumption is about one kilo. In any case, no feeling of hunger arises as part of the potato diet, because the potato is very filling.

This is not only because of the high carbohydrate content of the potato but also because in the potato diet the biological value is quite high. This means that the proteins of the potato (proteins) can be easily converted into the body’s own proteins. Eating quark and eggs makes it even easier for the body to absorb the potato proteins, resulting in additional satiety.


The weight reduction that occurs when losing weight with potatoes and other types of potato diet is mainly due to water loss. The potassium contained in the potato additionally contributes to drainage. This makes it relatively easy to lose weight quickly with the potato diet – at least on the scales. Fat reserves are not attacked by the conventional form of potato diet.

In the less stringent forms of dieting around the potato, not only are eggs and skimmed quark allowed as additional foods; but there are also additional salad, fat-free or low-fat prepared vegetables and fruits on the menu. But here, too, the effect of the potato diet is fast drainage.

However, thanks to the extra nutrients and vitamins, this form of the potato diet can be considered much healthier. Losing weight with potatoes can also be used to gradually find an alternative diet – for example, to limit meat consumption.


Preparing potatoes for the potato diet

Potatoes are simple and prepared relatively quickly. The potatoes are boiled in water until they are cooked. Those who want to benefit from all the nutrients of healthy tubers in the potato diet should prefer fresh organic potatoes in the context of the targeted weight loss.

These are particularly good for boiled potatoes and can be eaten cooked with a shell. The shell contains the valuable vitamins and minerals of the potato, which is why the best time for the potato diet is the fall. Then most of the potato varieties are harvested and fresh produce is not only found in health food stores.

Tip for losing weight with potatoes:

The alternate varieties can provide additional diversity in the potato diet bring and make them as less monotonous.


Monotony can hardly be mentioned in the many potato recipes. It is only important that with the food for the diet little to no fat is used. Also, the potatoes should not be salted if possible. Due to the high loss of water in a potato diet, it can quickly lead to even more dehydration, which is still favored by the potassium in the tuber.


Here’s another tip for losing weight with potatoes:

Cool potatoes after cooking, so part of the starch contained in an indigestible fiber converted. Inulin, according to his name, can not be absorbed by the body and is simply excreted again.


In this case, the potato has a lower energy value and you will eat even fewer calories, which can increase the weight loss when losing weight with potatoes. The calorie content does not change even if the potato is then reheated. Therefore, take the potato diet quietly back to already cooled potatoes.


What Is the potato diet

It is one of the so-called crash diets. Weight loss with this type of diet is fast – but not permanent. Since water is mainly lost here, but at the end of the diet is quickly compensated, the potato diet is only suitable if you want to reduce the weight in the short term. For a long-term weight loss, however, losing weight with potatoes, especially in the conventional form is not suitable.


Conclusion: Over a period of application of a few days, the potato diet is fine. However, it must be kept in mind that in the diet with potatoes no fat is broken down, but only water. As an ideal diet, one can not recommend losing weight with potatoes – despite the actually very healthy tuber.

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