The Important Thing Is Not What You Eat But When You Eat It

Much better than the diet to lose weight, and also more attainable: night fasting.
This is one of the trendy diet practices: fasting, or intermittent fasting. The principle is not to eat over a long enough time. And after decades of studying the type of meal to promote or avoid for weight loss, nutritionists are now interested in the pace of meals and the most favorable schedules.

The 2 Week Diet

A recent study showed the benefits of this fasting in mice in terms of weight gain and control of blood sugar level (thus helping to prevent the risk of diabetes). But what about humans? Ruth Patterson, a professor of family medicine and public health at the University of California, is one of the researchers studying the effect of fasting. According to her, CNN reports, refraining from eating between 8 pm and 8 am (a bit like a Ramadan upside down, and for nutritional reasons) would help to lose weight. Following a group of women to verify the effects of the method, she considers that”Night fasting is an achievable way of life while the diet is not.”

Calories Burned

The variant of fasting, the technique of consuming the majority of calories before 3 pm, because we are programmed to consume more energy and thus burn more calories at the beginning of the day …
The 2 Week Diet
Illustration of an article published in the journal Cell Metabolism (Volume 20, n ° 6, December 2014) on the effects of the restriction of the feeding period in mice

As a reminder, the researcher Traci Mann, who worked for twenty years on eating habits, said last May in an interview with the Washington Post that diets did not work. According to her, the planners who manage to live under their normal weight would be only 5%. And at what price:

“They spend every minute of their lives keeping that weight. In concrete terms, they spend their entire lives as hungry people fighting against biology and evolution. ”

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