17 Tips To Lose Weight Fast: All You Need To Know About

17 Tips To Lose Weight Fast

In this article, I am giving you 17 tips to lose weight fast.

Tips to lose weight fastWhy are Instagram fitness icons like  Pamela Reif and Sophia Thiel so popular? Or those trainers who have become known through their successes with VIP customers?

They do not force their clients and followers into nonsensical diets, eating cotton balls soaked in juice, chewing tobacco instead of sweets, or swallowing tapeworm eggs (people really did that to lose weight).

No, the best experts today find ways to combine individual weight loss training with a targeted food roadmap.

It is always about developing good nutritional rituals that fit into one’s self – and combine that with the personally optimal exercise program.

And when combined with both, it’s sometimes about influencing your own psyche and tricking it a bit.

We asked seven well-known personal coaches, influencers and bloggers how to keep themselves fit and in shape – and here you can read about their best figure and weight loss tips.

First Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Controlled food :

Those who only eat irregularly and frequently skip meals disturbs their body and appetite. The fatal consequence: cravings.

One plunges into everything edible and stuffs over hungry much more than it would need.

Why? In short: Our brain needs glucose to function properly. But if you miss the healthy snack or lunch, sugars.

Thus, the brain is no longer able to regulate the appetite and to resist a feeding spree or the night walk to the fridge.

First of all, you should change your inner attitude. Tell yourself: “I start my new daily routine from now on.”

The rest is simple: Calculate your personal calorie needs here, depending on whether you want to maintain or lose weight. Distribute these calories only to three meals a day, plus a maximum of two snacks, each with 100 to 200 calories.

Even better: Eat only three times a day, without the snack breaks – or maybe only two times, keyword intermittent fasting.

Second Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Eat More Slowly:

Honestly, are you eating peacefully and deliberately – or are you quickly hurrying down your meals in a hurry? Anyone who snakes has no chance to feel the saturation.

The subjective feeling of satiety always sets in after 15 to 20 minutes. Slow connoisseurs feel the saturation point after significantly less food intake and stop eating.

So devote your meals fully – without watching TV, reading newspapers, talking on the phone.

Now that you are eating only rarely, you can also celebrate it. When you eat, you eat. Your body says when it has enough.

To slow down a breathing exercise: Breathe in and count it slowly to five, exhale again and count to five. Repeat the exercise three to five times before you eat.


Third Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Filled Faster With The Plate Trick:

What should the perfect plate look like? It must be blue and not more than three inches in diameter, Texas A & M University experts said.

Then it is a bit smaller than a normal dinner plate, but larger than a breakfast plate and therefore makes the food look more than it is.

With this optical illusion, the brain is tricked because it thinks that one is still eating a normal portion.

If the plate is also blue, the brain is completely outsmarted. Since there are hardly any blue foods in nature, the eye does not associate food with this color.

The appetite goes by, the body even receives slight warning signals.


Fourth Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Hungry? No thanks!

Try something new, keep food exciting, taste the difference – so you develop fun to be healthy and natural.

Very important are healthy ingredients:  good oils  (cold-pressed olive and linseed oil, walnut oil), plenty of water and tea (eg green tea and nettle tea).

I abstain from using empty carbohydrates such as table sugar and white flour as they provide many calories but few important nutrients.

Soft drinks and instant juices are also not on my plan. Cleansing and detoxification treatments once a year are wonderful.


Fifth Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is In The morning A Scrambled Egg Makes You Slim

Sounds unbelievable at first, but it’s true: A scrambled egg for breakfast helps you to lose weight.

Researchers at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana have found that the body benefits from protein in the early morning hours. Reason: Protein-rich foods keep insulin at bay.

Practical tip: Vary your egg breakfast. Try mushrooms and beef ham, or add red onion and a little chard.

Also delicious: egg with tomato, chives, and lovage.

Sixth Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Snacking Necessarily Allowed

You want to lose weight and forbid yourself therefore even certain foods? In no case do you do something good with it in the long run?

The prohibitions you impose on yourself can quickly cause frustration. Chocolate and other sweets you should not forbid, but in moderation, treat anyway.

Always remember: Balance is the magic word. A home-baked cake does not display two kilograms more on the scales the next day – and a salad does not let the pounds tumble immediately.

Very important when losing weight: be patient! Sometimes it takes longer for the body to separate from fat deposits. If you realize that you can not get on with losing weight, you should not eat even less.

Instead, set new training stimuli and challenge your body in a new way. For example, try a new sport or increase your reps in your workouts.


Seventh Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Food-To-Go – Bring Something For Yourself!

Preparation is everything! Anyone who has healthy meals or snacks in the office or on the go does not resort to fast food when it comes to starvation attacks.

I always cook for the next few days. For that, I conjure up fast, tasty dishes for one hour in the evening. I always cook twice the amount of each meal, so I am prepared for two days.

With different spices that I always have in the mini-container, I can vary the taste, and it never gets boring.

When cooking, I especially rely on time-saving dishes, such as oven vegetables: cut vegetables, place in a casserole dish, some feta over it and off in the oven.

For the small appetite: mixed nuts or a green smoothie. After sports, there are extra carbohydrates, such as rice waffles (of course, without chocolate).

Eighth Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Short-Term Fasting Against Cravings

Lose weight? With interval fasting, I have managed to get hold of unloved food cravings or eating out of boredom. Intermittent Fasting defines a time window in which you eat or not eat.

For me, I have set the time slots. This means that you do not eat calories for 16 hours according to the 16: 8 principle.

In the remaining 8 hours you eat then theoretically “normal” without certain prohibitions and restrictions.

Advantages: All in all, the longer and more consistently the fasting phase lasts, the better and more effective it is.

Some benefits of interval harvesting include improved stress resistance, lower blood pressure, improved insulin sensitivity, improved cognitive abilities, fewer food cravings.

But if you want to start fasting, it’s not easy. The first few days are very tough and hunger is enormous. But over time it gets easier from day to day.

In the meantime, it is no longer a problem for me to have my first meal between 12.30 and 13 o’clock without breakfast. By fasting, I have the feeling to be significantly more powerful in the morning – especially mentally.

Although I exercise in the morning sober, I feel no hunger and can concentrate great.


Ninth Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Use the weekend

Who feasts unrestrained after a healthy week on weekends and stuffed with chips and fatty food, that depends for a long time.

According to research at the University of Texas Medical Center, saturated fat, palmitic acid blocks the hormone leptin for up to three days, regulating satiety and controlling metabolism.

So if you eat unhealthy on Friday and Saturday, you probably still have problems on Monday to change your mind again. That’s half the week over!

In general, rather use the weekend to stroll through the market in peace, while you consider light regional dishes and prepare them fresh.

In addition to fruit and salad plus a small sports unit – so is the weekend and recovery for the body.


Tenth Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Drink less alcohol

Speaking of weekends: Alcohol not only contains a lot of calories, it also inhibits fat loss. Write down how much beer, wine, and cocktails you consume in a week.

Frightened? A little arithmetic example, especially for men: two beers per evening result in a week almost 2000 calories and thus about total daily calories. You have to jog for two hours to get rid of them.

First, try to do without alcohol for one week. See if you can handle just one or two glasses of alcohol every week.

And if you’re already drinking, then jump – from beer to dry red wine, even better to a wine spritzer.


Eleventh Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Variety in sports

Variation is critical to your success if you want to do really effective figure training. Change your exercise program every six workouts, because variety is the key to constant progress.

Only in this way do you force your body to constantly adapt to the training stimuli.

Also, vary your exercise frequency: Challenge each muscle group every three to five days instead of just once a week. A higher frequency leads to more muscle and strength.

If you want to change, make squats – barbell squats are the best practice for getting more muscle building, strength building, fat loss, and flexibility.

The squat is the best exercise. All my clients learn to start the right squat. Here, the entire range of motion should be fully utilized.


Twelveth Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Breaks while doing sports make you slim

Fewer sports units burn more fat than many short ones. That is known. What’s new is that if one lesson is interrupted for 15 minutes, the fat burning increases.

The team around Dr. Kazushige Goto from Tokyo cycled two groups of subjects differently: one hour without interruption or two times 30 minutes with a break of 15 minutes. Blood samples were taken every 15 minutes.

The result: In the breakers, the fat burning was higher than in the subjects of the other group. In addition, the level of free fatty acids and glycerol (building block of animal and vegetable fats) increased with break more – especially in the 15 minutes at the end of training.

The adrenaline levels in the blood increased more strongly with a break than without, the insulin level, however, decreased more. Both factors favor fat burning.


Thirteenth Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Strength training with more weight

Do not waste energy with countless repetitions during strength training! After the warm-up sets, use relatively heavy weights (1 to 6 possible repetitions). Anything beyond that is too easy for the optimal development of the muscles.

In this training intensity in combination with the appropriate diet, especially strength and muscle tension are developed and less voluminous muscle mountains.

When using higher weights, of course, it comes down to a good warm-up. Only in this way can optimal performance improvements be achieved.

Contrary to conventional theories, it is better for beginners to complete new exercises with more weight and fewer repetitions. Only those who really feel the resistance concentrate optimally on the right exercise.


Fourteenth Tip To Lose Weight Fast Is Basic turnover high

Anyone who wants to sustainably lose weight and keep the new figure needs strength training. Every kilo of extra musculature means a basal metabolic rate of just under 100 kcal/day.

If you gain 4 kg of muscle through strength workouts, that means almost 400 kcal more basal metabolic rate  (equivalent to about 45 min of cycling, and that daily).

Endurance training is second in weight loss. In the best case, you train four times a week: twice pure strength training, once strength combined with an interval, once pure endurance training.

Your units should be structured, preferably by a trainer, to provide strength, stamina, speed, agility, and coordination. Strength training, however, has priority.


Fifteenth Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Slim with more sleep

Did you roll all night in the sheets and count sheep in vain? Bitter, because sleepless nights are not only annoying, they also affect our weight loss behavior.


The level of leptin, which triggers satiety, decreases as the appetite-enhancing hormones gain ghrelin and orexin.



Bad sleep arouses appetite for unhealthy snacks

A study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal shows how adequate sleep is on losing weight: the participants dieted for fourteen days and lost three kilograms on average.


At 8.5 hours of sleep per night, as much as 55 percent of it was broken down as fat, and only 5.5 percent in 5.5 hours.


Sixteenth Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Turn down the room temperature

Since the 70s, the temperature in our living rooms and bedrooms has increased from 18 to 21 degrees Celsius – but even these three degrees difference weigh heavy: heat puts our body’s own “stove” out of action.

It is fired by brown fat, which converts energy into body heat and melts the fat reserves. However, since it only forms in the cold and stifles when warm, the body counteracts by producing white fat – which, unfortunately, can not do anything except start.

Researchers, therefore, recommend a room temperature of only 16 degrees – that is to burn 200 extra calories a day.

So watch your “heating behavior”: Do you really need it so warm – or is turning on the heater just an ill-considered habit?


Seventeenth Tips To Lose Weight Fast Is Learn to love yourself

If you like your body, it will be more successful and long-term – that’s what a Portuguese study found.

Half of the participants received general information on nutrition and health, and the other took part in group sessions for 30 weeks, during which they discussed feelings related to eating and how to deal with one’s own body.

The result: Subjects from the group sessions lost an average of seven percent in weight, the other only two percent.

Through the many conversations, they were at peace with their body and got a more positive self-image.

Our tip for you: practice positive thinking.

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