Type 2 diabetes Is Curable

Type 2 diabetes Is Curable?

type 2 diabetesCan type 2 diabetes be cured? This question is asked many sufferers. In recent years, more and more people are suffering from diabetes. Nearly 30 million people in the USA suffer from diabetes mellitus – and another 8 million have diabetes without knowing it. First signs of the disease are increased thirst and fatigue. The diagnosis of diabetes mellitus type 2 means far too often in this country, to take a lifetime of tablets or inject even insulin.

Every second type 2 diabetic in the USA, however, could get along without medication if he would be nutritionally and psychologically cared for – but that is rarely paid by the health insurance. Experts complain that in the USA, the long-term consequences of diabetes would rather be treated instead of an early counter with intensive care.


New study: diet change instead of medication

A new study from England shows that diabetes can be treated just as well with diet and weight loss as it is with medications. The course of the disease can therefore even be reversed. For the study, the participants were put on a radical diet: For three months, they only ate nutrient shakes, just under 900 calories/day. In addition, they were mentally cared for, led to exercise and received nutritional advice.

The tablets for diabetes were discontinued. The result: the shorter the participants in type 2 diabetes suffered and the more they had lost weight, the greater was their success. Participants who had lost up to seven kilograms had a seven percent chance of being able to do without diabetes medication altogether. Who had lost at least 15 kilograms?

Some Important Questions:

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Can type 2 diabetes become insulin dependent diabetes?

The vicious circle must be broken

The thicker a type 2 diabetic is and the more he eats, the more insulin he has to inject. But he gets even bigger. In addition, diabetes can damage nerves, kidneys, and eyes and even lead to heart attacks and strokes. Therefore, everything should be done to break this vicious circle. If you slim down early, you can prevent him from having to inject insulin at all. Nutritionists recommend protein shakes to lose first pounds.

Under the guidance, patients can learn to cook well, to keep their insulin levels constant and to lose weight. Instead of injecting insulin, they only have to take a few tablets or can do without any medication.


Change eating habits permanently

Experts recommend diabetics a nutritional therapy or at least a dietary advice. First, previous eating habits analysis. In a modern diet change, in contrast to a diet, only as little as possible of the eating habits change – this enables lasting success. Important for losing weight and satiation is protein: It saturates makes thirst and promotes muscle growth. Therefore, it must be properly dosed for each main meal throughout the day. If we eat too much, the surplus is stored in the fat. If we eat too little, we will not get enough.

The main ingredient of meals should be as many vegetables as possible, as well as nuts as a perfect source of protein and mushrooms on the menu. Pistachios are especially good for diabetics: they can lower blood sugar by 0.4 percent. Meat should rarely come to the table, advise nutritionists.


After slimming down hold the weight

After slimming it is the top priority to keep the weight. That’s why you should not eat too many carbohydrates. Because of carbohydrates from bread, sweet or fruit convert in the body into glucose, which raises the blood sugar level. Carbs are also fuel and store as fat if you do not move enough and your diet does not adapt. The more you move, the more carbohydrates allow landing on the plate.


Early detection is important

People with high-risk factors, such as over 40 years of age, severe obesity or diabetes in the family, should have their health checked regularly. A sugar test for a few euros helps to detect diabetes early. For a reliable diagnosis, the expert recommends visiting a diabetologist, as these specialists have more accurate blood glucose meters than the family doctor. If the diagnosis is diabetes, the patient should quickly start a diet change.

Nutritional therapy usually involves six sessions and costs about $ 350. The costs subsidizes by the statutory health insurance on application with up to 100 percent. Private insurances do not reimburse these costs, except for a few exceptions, but pay a nutritional consultation.

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