Water Fasting 7 Days: Water Fasting To Lose 5kg Weight In A Week

Water Fasting 7 Days: Water Fasting To Lose 5kg Weight In A Week

Hi, guys in this article I’m going to present water fasting 7 days that planned for weight loss. With this plan, you will be able to lose up to 5kg Weight in a week and the effects last long-term. The plan will also help lower your stress levels increase alertness and kickstart your metabolism. It’s a very simple hassle-free plan to follow but not for everyone, so read the article carefully until the end.

What Are Water Fasting 7 Days Diet Plan?

Water Fasting 7 Days


In this plan, you will not eat or drink anything except water. Do not end up drinking too much water. Just drink enough water in intervals and that’s it. You’re not supposed to have tea coffee juices soaps energy drinks or any other liquid. Only plain water, add three to four liters of water each day. Doing sure to mix a pinch of Himalayan pink salt in few glasses ( two to four glasses of water every day) So that you get essential minerals and elements. Don’t use rock salt or white salt for the same.

What Happens While You’re In The Water Fasting Diet 7 Days:

Your body will soon start using your fat stores for energy and thus you will observe fat loss. You enter ketosis, which means your mental clarity focus and concentration improves plus you start losing inches. This diet will decrease the blood pressure and lower your stress levels. It will slow down the aging process reduce cancer and heart disease risks. New white blood cells start to regenerate and thus your immunity increases. It will also solve digestive issues like constipation loss of appetite bloating and gas etc.

Water Fasting 7 Days:

Water Fasting 7 Days

The first day you will feel hungry you will crave for food, to be honest, it’s not going to be easy. You should be focused on and not think of food. You need to have control over your mind. Second and third day – you will be hungry and tired and mad at me. But from the fourth day, you will stop feeling hungry. The energy will come back and you will start feeling more focused and light. Your body will enter ketosis from the fourth day. If you ask me if I can do it for three days then the answer is no.

If you think you cannot do it for a minimum of five days at a stretch then please don’t even commence the diet. Idly this diet is meant for seven days to fetch all its benefits. By the end of the seventh day your body will be completely cleansed and detox from inside. That means you will be on water fast diet for seven days. On the eighth daybreak, the fast carefully don’t start having solid foods immediately. Start with soaps soft fruits and cooked vegetables and boiled eggs etc. Start having chicken meat and fish from the tenth day until then be light.

Who Should Not Water Fasting 7 Days:

water fasting 7 days

Someone with an eating disorder, pregnant and nursing mothers, children, type 1 diabetics and the ones with existing medical conditions like kidney disorder, gout etc. I would personally not recommend this diet to all those who consider this an extreme diet to binge eaters weak hearted and all those who do not have self-control and live to eat. Everyone else please follow at your own discretion. Just to note you can carry out your daily activity as you do but refrain from working out. The plan is safe and very effective for PCOS pcod hyper and hypothyroid Hashimoto’s and type 2 diabetes. But do ensure to keep taking your medicines. Hope you like the simple diet plan. Because if followed it will give you a positive experience with a lot of physical benefits.




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