Ways to Lose Weight: Correct and Incorrect Weight Loss Concept

Ways to Lose WeightThe right way to lose weight is not to eat less, but to have a healthy diet. The best way to lose weight is to calculate in detail how much calories a person should take in a day. It is also necessary to know the calories of various foods.

Exquisitely processed or pickled foods should be avoided. Because our body is prone to heat, not burning calories, Therefore, we should maintain the habit of exercising and working with a healthy diet. With the right attitude to life, you can maintain the good shape you want.

Incorrect Lose weight Concept

1. Don’t eat breakfast

Ways to Lose Weight

Not eating breakfast is one of the most undesirable ways to lose weight. “One day is in the morning” and breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After a whole night of sleep, I have not eaten for a few hours. If I do not eat breakfast, my body will become hungry.

Experts say: “Many people think that not eating breakfast is a good way to reduce calories.

But they usually end up eating more in one day. “The result makes you more likely to get fat.


2. vomiting or diarrhea to lose weight


After eating something, use your fingers to dig your throat and vomit, or take a laxative to let yourself diarrhea.

They are extreme and hurt the body weight loss method, it should not be tried.


3. Did not eat enough protein to lose weight


Some people want to lose weight, they only eat vegetables and fruits. But during weight loss, when we have insufficient energy, the first thing we will mobilize is protein. At this time, if the protein is not properly supplemented, it is very likely to cause muscle loss. Muscle weakness, body function will also degenerate early.

Therefore, not adding enough protein will eventually make the body weaker. In addition, a high-protein diet can reduce your appetite by 60%, making you feel full and reducing your desire for snacks.

Therefore, in terms of weight loss, protein is an indispensable element of nutrient intake.

4. Do not eat any fatty foods to lose weight


Our body, mainly composed of starch, fat, protein and many micronutrients, is indispensable. 1 gram of fat produces 9 calories and 1 gram of starch or protein, Only 4 calories can be generated, so if the fat is used for burning, it is very sufficient and the physical strength will be abundant. Insufficient oil intake can affect the instability of the nervous system, and oil can also maintain the body’s body temperature. Many nutrients also need to be transported by grease. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you should not eat fatty foods, but eat good fat foods.

5. Do not eat starch (carbohydrate) food to lose weight

Ways to lose weight
Many people will stop eating carbohydrates in order to lose weight, including rice, noodles, and bread, but some nutritionists say that If you take too low a carbohydrate, you will have headaches, constipation, bad breath, tiredness, difficulty in concentration and muscle loss. It is recommended that the average person should consume 55% to 60% of carbohydrates because carbohydrates can provide heat to the body.

High fiber starch helps maintain intestinal health.

6. Pick only low-fat foods to lose weight

ways to lose weight

Many food packages are labeled with low fat, but in order to increase flavor, sugar content may increase. As a result, low-fat foods have higher calories. And in the process of dealing with fat, many nutrients will also be lost. There may even be some degreasing chemicals remaining, but it is even more unhealthy. So try not to choose the so-called low-fat food.

7. Fasting exercise

ways to lose weight
Some people think that when you exercise on an empty stomach, you will stimulate the body to break down fat to provide energy and consume more fat than after a meal. Such an idea may be applicable to less intense sports such as yoga, jogging, and the like. However, for high-intensity sports such as weight training, boxing, etc., it is not recommended to do it on an empty stomach.

Because it may cause symptoms such as hypoglycemia, dizziness, vertigo, and weakness. Exercise should not be carried out in complete starvation, properly drinking a cup of milk before exercise. Or eat some nuts to maintain blood sugar balance and improve the efficiency of fat burning.

What is the correct weight loss concept?

ways to lose weight

Some people want to lose weight first to see if the weight has reduced, yesterday weighed 70 kg, It’s so happy to lose one kilogram today! Weight loss for weight loss is often incorrect. Because weight itself affect by various factors. Weight changes can not directly reflect the progress of weight loss.

Even in the correct weight loss process, weight does not guarantee to continue to decline within a few days. The cause of weight loss may be the loss of water, which reduces the amount of water that does not necessarily reduce. Weight loss is just a reduction in weight, not a complete reduction in fat.

Some people rely on diet to lose weight or reduce the amount of food through surgery, As a result, the body’s moisture is lost, and the ability to have fat and muscle is also lost.

The long-term effects reduce immunity and even unstable emotions such as depression and anxiety. Therefore, the concept of correct weight loss should start with fat reduction, that is, you can see the reduction of fat and the decrease in body fat percentage. The associated weight is also falling, which is the correct concept.

Body fat elimination does not necessarily lead to a decrease in body weight, because body fat does not see in 1 kg. It is very likely that the muscle or water increases by 1 kg so that the overall weight is constant. However, if the body fat does not see in one kilogram, the size of the body will definitely decrease.

So the goal of losing weight is not to lose weight, but to lose body fat.

The nutritionist pointed out that in order to achieve the purpose of eliminating body fat, the concept of eating less and moving more in the past is wrong. It is necessary to adopt the principle of “multiple sports and enough to eat”. To exercise, you must also eat enough nutrients to really lose weight to fat tissue.

In general, the body fat rate of boys is between 14 and 23%, and that of girls is between 17 and 27%. Adult men have a body fat percentage of more than 25%, and adult women have more than 30%, which calls “obesity.”

Want to reduce the body fat rate can be through aerobic exercises, such as walking, jogging, cycling or swimming 30-40 minutes, Plus muscle strength training such as squats, bows or use the gym equipment for 30-50 minutes. It is important to have the principle of exercising more and eating enough to lose weight correctly.

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