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Lose weight effectively and sustainably … many people dream about weight loss, but few can do it. The main reasons for this failure are the inefficiency of the methods used and the failure to follow the true rules of weight loss.

In this article, we will list the 7 golden rules that must be respected if you want to reach your ideal weight.

Weight loss tips

Why want to lose weight at all costs?

Beautiful body

The most obvious answer would probably be: to have a dream body . This is entirely true. Overweight forces us to have beads everywhere. And from an aesthetic point of view, we admit that this is not really what we are looking for.

However, when you start to lose weight and have a flat stomach ( To read: How to lose belly in 1 week?), The body becomes slenderer, the posture becomes more upright and the form is more emphasized. To make the transformation even more optimal, some people perform muscle building exercises.

But weight loss, especially fat loss also affects our overall health. It fights against many diseases, the best known of which are cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or too high a cholesterol ( 1 ).
Reaching your ideal weight will help you reduce the risk of these diseases.

In addition, by doing regular physical exercises, you strengthen your heart while burning your fat .

The 7 golden rules to lose weight effectively

Follow these very important rules for lasting weight loss.

1. Say goodbye to the scheme

This may surprise you, but contrary to what you may think, a draconian diet is not at all effective. For a moment, you can lose weight, but frustrations and hardships will make you eat even more when the diet is over. You will be able to resume your initial weight and even more.

That’s why it’s better to go for a food rebalancing than for a diet. Rebalancing one’s diet means eating everything without sacrificing anything, but making sure you do not exceed the calories you need each day.

In food rebalancing, you are invited to reduce processed foods industrially while eating foods that provide the nutrients necessary for the proper functioning of your body.
The advantage of this method is an efficient and sustainable weight loss.

Note: When rebalancing food, it is also recommended to reduce sugar because it makes you hungry. On the other hand, you can take starchy foods.

2. Get into the habit of eating raw

If you want to lose weight sustainably, you need to get into the habit of eating healthy, that is, to eat unprocessed foods regardless of the form of processing.

Eating healthy means eating natural foods and preferably raw ones. This can be raw fruits and vegetables, but also nuts and seeds.

In fact, raw foods are a real source of essential nutrients for our body. The fruits are famous for the vitamins they provide. But they are also excellent hunger cuts . The nuts provide the body with essential fatty acids, essential for the proper functioning of the brain.

When you get this habit, you can then include cooked foods, but not processed industrially like legumes, eggs or soya.

Note: Cook your own dishes. Avoid fast puffs that are full of calories and are very bad for your heart health.
You can also use olive oil, but in small quantities for your salads.

3. Make detox

When we want to lose weight, we tend to focus too much on our diet and physical exercises. And, we often forget the presence of toxins that disrupt the metabolism .

Detox is also an important step in optimizing weight loss. But what is important to know is that it is even more important to take care of the organs that allow the elimination of these toxins.
For an effective detox using the skin, for example, the physical activities that make you sweat a lot are the most recommended. You can also go to the sauna for a detox moment but also to relax the muscles.

Drinking plenty of water helps eliminate toxins that poison your body through the kidneys. It is recommended to drink 3L of water per day divided into several glasses of water.
Note : Drinking a glass of fasting water optimizes the elimination of toxins, purifies and tones your body. To give a little boost to your gut, drink spinach juice from time to time .

4. Play short but intense sport

Everyone knows that the role of sport in weight loss is very important.
On the other hand, what is a pity is that most people do not know how to play sports to lose weight effectively.

Many people cling to the idea that to lose weight, you have to run for 45 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week. However, it has been shown that the most important thing is to have a moment of very intense efforts alternated with a moment of average efforts. The goal is to boost the metabolism for a while so that the body burns a maximum of calories. This type of sport is called Hiit or High Intensity Interval Training and it is very effective.

The type of exercises you do is not important. Whether skipping rope, running or cycling, simply think of alternating intense efforts and average efforts.

Note: For best results, weight training should precede aerobic exercise.

5. Eat in full consciousness

Eating very fast without even having the time to enjoy a meal is classic in our modern world.
Lack of time, obligation to return to work as quickly as possible, stress or simply the habit … many are the reasons that can push to eat quickly.

However, this is harmful to our body, but especially it slows weight loss.
If you really want to lose weight and very effectively, learn to be aware of what you eat. Mindfulness is a form of meditation that encourages us to be aware of every action we take, to focus 200% on what we are doing.

Note : Mindfulness can be applied to different areas of our lives, especially during our meal. To do this, be grateful for the meal you are going to eat. Then, watch your plate and eat enjoying each flavor of what you eat. Eat very slowly, do not rush.

Make your mealtime a treat every time.

6. Pay attention to the glycemic index

Our body needs carbohydrates. Sugar plays an important role for the proper functioning of our brain.
By cons, an excess of sugar leads to significant damage in the body. This interferes with the functioning of insulin, which is the hormone regulating sugar in the blood. When the function of this hormone is disrupted, this is where we talk about diabetes, which is a dangerous disease.

But as we said, our body needs carbohydrates. So, how to do ? Simply by taking into account what is called the glycemic index .

To explain in a simple way, sugars that are quickly assimilated by the body have a high glycemic index. Those who are slowly assimilated have a low glycemic index and these are the ones we are interested in.


These are, in general, foods that consist of complete starchy foods such as whole brown rice or whole bread. Since they have a low glycemic index, their assimilation is slow, which lengthens the time of satiety.

Remember, therefore, if you eat whole bread at breakfast, you will avoid the cravings of 10 am.

7. Have goals and stay motivated

It’s all about motivation in the end.

There are many theories about weight loss. But when you really want to do it, you will always find a way that you play sports or that you use a fat burner .

From the beginning, set your goals, be specific. How many kilos do you want to lose in how long? Then plan a program based on that.

Also, remember that what is important is not what the scale displays. Reason in terms of centimeters. Sometimes it’s your clothes that give you the most relevant clue.

Learn to self-motivate and surround yourself with people who have the same goals as you.


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