Weight loss and its myths

This week’s blog discusses two myths that I will immensely delight in denying. Virtually everyone 
who trains or wants to lose weight think these two statements are true, while no: 

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Myth {1}: Fat Burns Locally

In other words, it does not because do 300 exercises for the abdominals that we necessarily get a flat stomach or that we define our abdominals. It’s also not because you work your triceps (muscle behind the arm) that the fat of “bye-bye” will disappear. 


The best example to illustrate these words comes from one of my colleagues. We were discussing the tendency of clients to ask us for exercises that work the muscles located in the area where they wanted to lose fat. This example will definitely allow you to understand. 

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When people lose weight, they also lose a lot of fat in the face. How many customers have I told me that many did not recognize them even more so they had lost fat on their face. But they have never done exercises for the face. At least, I have never seen anyone do facial contraction exercises to lose fat on the face.

You will tell me “Well yes it’s obvious!” But why then many still believe that doing sit-ups will give them 6 packs. 

This has nothing to do! 
My reference in the field of scientific research in training, a colleague of mine, however, found a research that claimed that a small amount of fat was nevertheless used locally. However, the results were, according to him, so insignificant in the proportion that they had no visual impact. 

The second myth directly follows the first. 

Myth {2}: Adduction and hip abduction exercises to lose fat in the thighs

Adduction: movement of the thigh and leg inward working the muscles of the groin.
Abduction: movement of the thigh and leg outward working the area that you define as the saddlebags. 
Since almost all women want to lose fat at this level and think that fat goes away locally, it is normal that they want to do these 2 movements and therefore all the exercises that result. Nevertheless, we saw that the fat did not burn locally. 
On the other hand, there is also another reason why these movements are a total waste of time: the solicited muscles are so small in comparison with other exercises of lower as of the upper body, that the energy expenditure which is there connected is totally negligible. In addition, the energy they consume at rest is even more negligible.

I must say, however, that this reasoning is not in itself bad. When you do both of these exercises, the stressed muscles burn heavily which can lead you to believe that it will be effective. On the other hand, let’s not forget that these muscles are so small that their impact is negligible. The two reasons these muscles burn a lot are that the muscles that are used are very small and are very well insulated during exercise. 

You will then ask me if the adduction and abduction exercises are better than nothing. 
Honestly, it is better than to take this time for an exercise more relevant to the goal set. 

Here are some examples of ideal exercises for weight loss:

  • Squats – Back Squat – Front Squat – Side Squat
  • Deadlifts (Romanian Deadlift – Straight Leg Deadlift)
  • Lunges (Walking Lunges -Suspended Lunges)
  • Vertical Tirades (Chin-Up – Pull-Up – Latpulldown)
  • Seated Row – Bent Over Row
  • Vertical Pushing (Military Press – Shoulder Press)
  • Horizontal thrusts (Bench Press – Dumbell Press – Chest Press)
  • Any combination of these movements (Push Press – Shoulder – Shoulder-thrown)

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